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What is the reason behind happening war in Syria?

Syria is the Arabian Republic country located in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon, Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. Nowadays, this country has become a war zone. Why this civil war happening in Syria? Civil war has been happening in Syria for the last 7 years. Russia and Iran are with Syria. America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supporting the rebels. Why is this war is happening in Syria? What is the reason behind it?

A few years ago, the country which was known as a full-fledged country, it was completely wasted today. After all, what happened with this country? Many people lost their life in this war, from the small children's to the old man, that everyone's known how peoples in Syria fighting for their lives. Some people are died while crossing the border of other countries, Is they don't have right to live? They are also humans like us. But what's happening in this south-west Asian country of the world? Where so far 3 lakh people have been killed. Half of Syria has been destroyed. So let i tell you!

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Why Syria war is happened?

The Syria war has been took place in 2011. Before tell you why this war happened, let me tell you that in the year 2000, the Bashar al-Assad occupied power in place of his father, Hafez al-Assad. The rebellion started in 2011 against President Bashar al-Assad. Inspired by the revolt in opposition to power in many Arab countries, the movement was started for support of democracy in Syria's southern city of Daraa in March 2011. Disagreated Bashar al-Assad started to crush the opponents. After that the civil war reached to its peak in 2012, the opponents lifted the weapons. The rebel group formed parallel government in some parts. Assad termed it "foreign backed terrorism" The fight between the rebels and the Assad government went ahead. In this battle of Syria, regional and world powers entered. In this, direct interference of Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and America came out. That's why now Syria has became a warzone of the world.

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Shia vs Sunni war in Syria

Bashar al-Assad is from Shia religion. There are very limited people of Shia religion in Syria. The Sunni Muslim communities are around 70 percent and only 13 percent are Shia, 10 percent are Christians and 3 percent are followers of Durruz religion. Communalism was also seen in Syria and the allegations were imposed on foreign nations. There was also become a situation of Shia vs Sunni. Due to this religious war, torture had been increased and thousands of people had to lose their lives.

Supporters and oppositions countries of Syria

After started the war in Syria, the jihadist organizations also started to joining them. Hyatt Taher al-Sham combined with al-Qaeda affiliated organization, 'Al-Nusra Front'. On the other hand, Islamic State's got the control over the wider areas of northern and eastern Syria. The conflicts started between US forces led by combined countries and government forces, rebel groups, Kurdish extremists, Russian air strikes in Syria. Let me tell you that the institution of the Turkish Kurdish fighters considers a terrorist organization and a branch of a political group of the Kurdistan Workers Party. Thousands of Shia fighters from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen came to fight against the Syrian army. Russia and Iran came to support Syria, both countries helped Syria with armories and money. America, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supporting the rebels. Israel is so disturbed by the interfere of Iran in this war, that he has made aerial attacks on several Hezbubulla bases. Assad started air strikes in September 2015 in the occupied areas of the rebels to gain control over them. The US says Assad is responsible for destroying Syria. Since 2014, the USA has done several air strikes on Syria. There has also been reports of at least 70 people are killed in the recent chemical attack in Syria. The charges were taken against President Bashar, whom he rejected. World Health Organization said that more than 500 people were found to be affected by chemical attack.

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Living in Syria is like living in the hell for people

Syria war is happening from the past seven years and because of that, the life of peoples in Syria is become a hell. Hundreds of buildings now become ruins, people do not have humanitarian aid. In the vast majority of the millions, the common people are trapped between firing and bombing are yearning for humanitarian assistance. The United Nations says that at least 2.5 million people have been killed in Syria in the last five years. However, since August 2015, the United Nations has stopped updating the number of people who died in Syria. Many organizations said that, there are over 3 million 21 thousand people have been killed. Half of Syria has been displaced. People in Syria are crossing the borders of nearest nations like Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Europe. Israel has not given shelter to any Syrian citizen, because there is no diplomatic relationship between the two countries of Israel and Syria. Nobody knows when the war in Syria will end. But, This war is taking life of many innocent peoples.

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