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What is the cost of 1 GB Internet (Mobile Data) in Thailand?

Hello everyone, Today we know about the mobile data cost in Thailand. It is one of the most visited country in Asia by tourists. Have you ever wondered why people love to visit Thailand? Are you planning for your next vacations in Thailand? So, let's know, what is the Internet cost in Thailand?

In today's world we know how important is to stay connected with Internet! In this article, I will give you the important information about the best Prepaid SIM Card in Thailand for tourists, so that you don't have to worry yourself about costly roaming charges. So, let’s start.

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Which one is The Best Prepaid SIM Card for Thailand visit?

Thailand is fast gaining tourist attraction in the world. Lots of tourists from all over the world prefer to visit Thailand. The Delicious Thai food, amazing places to visit, excellent things to do and to experience very interesting culture, Thailand is a best place for you. Everything looks very perfect in Thailand. But there might be a problem for you to touch with your family and friends due to roaming services are so expensive there. Yes, you can find Wi-Fi networks in some areas, but the speed is very slow. So, how can connect to Internet in Thailand with good cost and best speed. Here you can find some best prepaid sim options. Let's know about them.

People generally think that roaming is the only option to make or receive calls while you are in abroad. But, buying a prepaid SIM card is much better and less costlier than roaming. Now you want to know, which one is the best prepaid sim card among the different prepaid SIM cards in Thailand? In Thailand you can get 3 different SIM card providers with their different plans, so you can choose anyone from them as per your staying days in Thailand.

In these three main companies of Thailand, the first one is AIS, which is the most powerful network provider in Thailand. AIS offers great network coverage with different plans to choose according to your needs. The other one is DTAC, which is the second most largest company in the country. DTAC also has good network coverage but less than AIS. The third company is True Move H. But it is not considered the best network provider company. This are the most known SIM card provider in Thailand.

Best Prepaid SIM Cards for Travelers in Thailand?

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If you want to make your Thailand tour hassle free, then find a local mobile network sim provider, register your SIM Card with your personal ID like, passport & wait few minutes for the SIM Card activation. After arriving at airport you can see all network providers stores there. So, you just have to visit the store and purchase a sim from them. The Sim are already pre-activated, you need to simply insert the SIM card into your mobile and you are ready to use the mobile internet.

These prices are fluctuating everytime, so it is better to visit their official site for the best plans.

AIS – The best Mobile Operator of Thailand is the main network service provider in Thailand. It provides Wi-Fi networks in many shopping malls and hotels.

AIS Data Plans
AIS offers different types of plans for you depending on your usability and staying period in Thailand. Here i show you some data plans of AIS, that you could use. The sim card cost of AIS in Thailand is 50 Baht (around $1,55).

AIS Data Plans for 15 days
1GB – 200 Baht (for $6,19)
2GB – 220 Baht (for $6,81)
3GB – 240 Baht (for $7,43)
5GB – 340 Baht (for $10,52)

AIS Data Plans for 30 days
1GB – 220 Bahts (for $6,81)
3GB – 450 Bahts (for $13,93)
6GB – 750 Bahts (for $23,21)
12GB – 860 Baht (for $26,63)

AIS SIM Cards For Travelers

For Travelers one AIS sim can cost up to 599 Baht ($18,55)
In which you can get free unlimited Internet for 15 days (Maximum speed up to 6 GB)
Calling rate inside country is 1Baht per minute

Traveler SIM 2 for 299 Baht ($9,26)
In which you can get free unlimited Internet for 8 days (Maximum speed up to 3GB)
Calling rate inside country is starts from 1 Baht/minute

Traveler SIM 3 for 49 Baht ($1,52)
In which you can get speed up to 384 Kbps for 15 days with 30 days of sim card validity
Calling rate is same as above

For local numbers the cost of SMS is 3 Baht ($0,093) per message and for international numbers 5 Baht ($0,15) per message. For MMS, it goes up to 5 Baht ($0,15) in Thailand and 15 Baht ($0,46) for outside countries. Calls cost is 1 Baht for local numbers but vary for international numbers.

DTAC – The second largest company in the country is also offering great SIM card options and packages for their users with low prices. Let’s focus on the main plans for the tourist who will spend just a few days or weeks in Thailand.

DTAC tourist SIM Card plans

Happy Tourist sim 1 for 299 Baht ($9,25)
In which you can get unlimited Internet for 8 days (3GB at max speed after finishing 3 GB speed is goes down).
Free 100-baht call credit

Happy Tourist sim 2 for 599 ($18,54)
In which you can get unlimited Internet for 15 days (6GB at max speed) and 100-baht call credit.

Happy Tourist sim 3 for 199 Baht ($6,16)
In which you can get unlimited Internet for 7 days (500 MB at max speed) and free calling in group.

Happy Tourist sim 4 for 49 Baht ($1,52)
In which you can get free 15-baht call credit and free 5 chat apps usage for 1 day

All Happy Tourist Sim provide Special international call rate via 00400.

DTAC Tourist Packages

For 7 days stay you can get 229 Baht ($7,09)
1 GB Internet plan which is valid for 1 week with 30 min calling on all networks.

For 30 days of stay purchase 429 Baht ($13,28) plan, which gives you 3 GB Internet with 30 min calling on all networks.

For heavy Internet user with 30 days of stay 700 Baht ($21,66) plan is perfect, which provides 6 GB Internet and 50 min calling on all networks.

Both AIS & DTAC mobile network provider companies do not provide pre-registered SIM Cards. Which means, you have to visit their authorized stores & provide your ID Card (like, Passport) to register a SIM Card. After this, you have to wait for a few minutes for the activation process.

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