Thursday, 14 March 2019

Upcoming new updates from Pubg Mobile - New weapons, vehicles and more

Hello everyone, Today we know about the upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile. In this new update of PUBG Mobile you can get new vehicle (Tukshai, Auto-Riksha) for the sanhok map and new dynamic weather system in Erangel or Miramar map. Also, a new weapon is included in this update, which is G36C assault rifle for the Vikendi map and you can also see some changes in the Resident Evil “Survive till Dawn” event game mode. These new updates are already released by PUBG Mobile in its Beta version. So, if you want to enjoy this update now then download the beta version of PUBG Mobile.

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What are the upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile?

"g36c" (CC BY 2.0) by raffaelesergi1977
New weapon
G36C rifle for Vikendi uses 5.56mm ammos and it will be equipped with stocks. This new weapon replaces SCAR-L rifle in Vikendi.

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New vehicle
Tukshai is a three-wheeled mini vehicle for sanhok map, which will replace the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus.

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New map
PUBG team is also working on new map which is based on Venice, so it is very interesting upcoming update from Pubg after zombie mode update. This map is based on a small city in Venice which name is "Venezia'. This area is surrounded by canals with all side so it will definitely gives you the filling that you are in Venice. This new update is the most awaiting update for the users.

This upcoming new map is officially confirmed by PUBG mobile. Venezia is 5th map from pubg after Vikendi. Venezia map is designed by the employee of PUBG corporation 'James coreman'.  The sanhok map is also designed by James coreman and snow map of Vikendi is also designed by him. Every map in Pubg is related to the real life country in the world for e.g The erangel map of PUBG is inspired by one russian island. Venezia map is also inspired by the one island in Venice, Italy. This map size is 4x4 like sanhok. This new map is in spherical shape with some little houses. The release date of this map is not still confirmed. But, It could be come in 0.12 or 0.13 update of PUBG Mobile.

Image credit - Pixabay
If you don't know about Venice, then Venice is a beautiful city in Italy, which is famous as a tourist destination in the world because of its canals. This city is called as a "city of canals", because there is no any road or cars, there is many bridges to cross the canals and gondola boats for a traveling from one place to another. So, it is very interesting experience to in this type of areas. I also seen this type of Venice map in modern combat 5 game and it also feels very amazing while paying, mostly at the time of shooting the enemies while riding the boat.

I will be feel more happy and excite, if PUBG Mobile team design their upcoming map on amazon rain forest. It is very interesting experience to play in the dense forest of Amazon, what about you? Would you like to play Pubg in amazing rain forest? Comment me your answer and share this article with others. Thanks for reading and keep visiting us to know some interesting.

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