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Top Best PUBG players in the world | list of Pro PUBG Mobile players in the world

Who is the best player in PUBG Mobile? Who are the top players of PUBG Mobile? This has been a topic of discussion these days. To make it more easy to understand, here are some top PUBG Mobile players in the world.

Hello everyone, Today we are going to know about the best Pubg players in the world. For playing battle royale games like Pubg and Fortnite, we need good skills and strategies. Only those players win the battle whose have amazing playing skills. So let's know about some of the best pubg players in the world.


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His real name is Michael Grzesiek, which professionally known as shroud. He is a Polish-Canadian game streamer and professional player of Counter strike. Shroud skills is out of the world and he plays games like one man army. Shroud is very famous video game streamer in the world. He plays on PC version of PUBG and he is the expert of PUBG PC gameplay.


RRQD2E is a 23 year old Pubg player from Bangkok, his name is Bawonchai Han a best pubg player in the world, because of its amazing playing skills and strategies. His team has won the star challenge of PUBG and he shows their skills on their youtube channel which name is RRQ D2E. He is a official member of one of the top PUBG Mobile team.


Rolex is a best PUBG Mobile player from United States. He is a pro PUBG player who also streams their PUBG Mobile gameplay on YouTube. Rolex is well known for his intense gameplay. He has also seen playing with top players like Soul Mortal, and Soul Nova. Rolex is also a official member of esports team Lights Out. He also won the star challenge of battle royale game 'PUBG'. Rolex uses only his thumb for playing the game and is the only thumb player in this list, which makes him even more professional gamer.

Athena Gaming

This man is the God of reflexes, which can kill you by hearing your footsteps. Serioton aka Athena Gaming is a player from South Korea who plays PUBG Mobile game in both FPP/TPP mode. He also has a YouTube channel where he streams live PUBG Mobile gameplay. Athena Gaming is mostly known for his amazing sniping skills. He is very popular because of his top level gaming skills.

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This man knows how to kill enemies like a boss, his strategies and skill are awesome. This man is a beast of PUBG Mobile. Coffin aka SP-Coffin is a professional PUBG Mobile player from Turkey. He is widely known as God of PUBG Mobile, for his pro level playing skills, nobody comes close to Coffin. He usually plays SOLO vs SQUAD matches. His gameplay is filled with full of excitement, pro evel skills and fast reflexes. He also has a YouTube, where he shows his gaming skills.


Soul Mortal (real name is Naman Mathur) is a 22-year-old professional PUBG Mobile game player, who lives in Mumbai, India. Naman Mathur is the most popular PUBG Mobile player in India. He is well known by 'Mortal' which became famous when he started to uploading his PUBG Mobile gameplay videos. He plays with his team 'SOUL', which recently won the PUBG Mobile India series 2019. Soul Mortal is well known for his amazing IQ level, high reflexes, pro-level skills. He daily uploads his gameplay videos on his Youtube Channel 'MortaL'.


BIU BIU is a most youngest PUBG Mobile player from Malaysia. He is another top level PUBG Mobile game player in the world. First BIU BIU started to play PUBG Mobile on Chinese servers and later he shifted to Asia server. He has also a YouTube channel where he streams his PUBG Mobile playing skills.

So, these are some real heroes of PUBG, which shows their talent by playing this game. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you like it. Don't forget to Share this with others and keep visiting us.

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