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These 5 hotels are situated in the depths of the sea, which creates a adventurous atmosphere for you

Whenever you go somewhere to roam, you can take a hotel room to stay. But there are some hotels in the world where people only go to see and experience them. Yes, today we are going to know about some of the hotels in the world, which are located under the sea and the view from here  offers a very unique adventure. The tourists are going to visit these hotels just to experience the underwater adventure. So let's know about these hotels located in the deep of the sea.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Image credit - Wikimedia
Huvafen Fushi is a very famous hotel in the popular tourist destination 'Maldives'. The most special thing about this hotel is that, it has been constructed very beautifully under the water. Not only this, the exterior part of this hotel has also been designed very well. The Huvafen Fushi hotel provides facilities from indoor stadium to spa. From this amazing sea side hotel, you can enjoy the beautiful view of sea and fresh air.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Image credit - Wikimedia
Due to located in the natural beauty of most beautiful island "Fiji", this hotel attracts lots of tourists exclusively. This Poseidon Underground Resort is a favorite place for visitors in FIJI to stay. These hotel is surrounded by sea water in the area of ​​five thousand acres. The cost of staying at this hotel is very high. For the one night stay, it will cost you around 15 thousand USD or more.

The Shimao Wonderland intercontinental hotel, China

"Atkins - Shimao Wonderland Intercontinen" (CC BY 2.0) by 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia
The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental hotel is also known as the Songjiang Quarry Hotel. This hotel is located in Songjiang, China, between the damnation mountains. This tallest 19-storey hotel is located inside the 100 meters of water, which is the world’s first five-star hotel built under the sea. There are 380 rooms in it, which are designed by Britain's designing firm 'Atkins'.

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort, Dubai

The Hydropolis hotel is the most famous underwater hotel of dubai. This hotel is especially known for the visits of celebrities and the royal families, they choose this hotel to stay on their dubai tour. From rooms to dining areas, meeting halls and indoor gaming areas, everything is made of glass in this hotel. For this reason, fish and other sea animals can be easily seen from this hotel. The infrastructure of this hotel is amazingly designed.

The Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Africa

The Manta Resort is built under the 13 feet of sea water in Africa. The rooms of this hotel are small, but there are all the important amenities available in it. The estimated cost for a night at this hotel is around $ 1000. The view of sea from the hotel room attracts number of guests to stay here. This hotel is the perfect place for relaxation from cities crowd. The location is amazing and staff is very friendly with tourist. The rooms are not very luxurious but neatly clean and nice. The wifi access is only available at the main area, just visit this hotel to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Pemba island.

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