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There is one temple in India where the "Dog" is worshiped - Kukur Dev Temple

This world is very big and everytime something happens interesting in it, on which everyone can't ready to believe. Many of us don't know about that, there are many weird things happens in the world. India is a incredible country in Asia and it is second largest population country after China. In India, there are lots of incredible places are available to visit, which are very surprising for first time visitors. The Dog Worshipping temple is one of them. Yes, there are one place in India where dog is worshiped by people.

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Everyone must have heard of the worship of gods and goddesses. But if anyone told you that a dog is worshiped in a temple then probably you will not believe it. But this is absolutely true. The dog is worshiped in the Kukur Dev Temple. The story of this temple is also very strange. There is a Kukur Dev temple in Khapri village of India, which is located something about 132 km distance from Raipur in Chhattisgarh. There is a statue of a dog in its womb and a shiveling (God Shiva's idol) beside it. Large number of devotees visit here for worshiping the dog along with God Shiva.

This temple is spread around 200 meters area and the statue of the dog is located on the sanctum and entrance of the temple. This temple has such a belief that due to the presence of Kukur Dev, there is no any fear of dog or there is no danger of the dog biting. This temple was built in the memory of a faithful dog.

It is said that, many many centuries ago one man  came to this village with his family and there was also a dog with him. Once in a village due to a famine, that man took a loan from the moneylender. But, he did not return the loan amount back to moneylender. After this, he mortgaged his faithful dog to the moneylender.

It is said that, at one day robbers attacked on  moneylender's house and thieves buried all the goods in the ground. The dog got a sense of stolen goods and he took the moneylender to that place, where thieves are hiding their stoled goods and when the moneylender got his all stoled amount, he will decide to release the dog in a view of its loyalty, the moneylender decided to leave him and moneylender write one letter on the name of that man (owner of dog) name and hanging it in the dog's neck, he sent that dog to his owner.

When this dog reached at his owner's house, the owner felt that he had run away from the moneylender, after which he beat his dog to death. But, after some time later he read that letter written by the moneylender, at that time he realized that his mistake was a big mistake, but now he was too late. But his mistake made him feel very bad and he buried the dog in the same place and made that dog's memorial there. Later people made the monument a form of temple and this temple is now known as Kukur Dev temple.

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