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The real life story of most popular cartoon character "ShinChan" | Last episode of ShinChan!

Shinchan is one of the most popular cartoon TV series in the world and it has created a huge fan following from all over the world. The Shinchan TV series gained lots of popularity around the globe. This funniest cartoon is a part of Japanese manga TV series written and designed by Yoshito Usui. The story of this amazing Shinchan series shows the adventurous life of a 5 year old kid, which name is “Shinchan Nohara. The Shinchan character was first came out in the year of 1990 when it was published in a Japanese magazine ‘Weekly Manga Action’ which was was published by ‘Futabasha’.
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First episode of shinchan
The popular anime series of Shinchan was started by the famous TV channel “TV Asahi” in the year 1992. This anime series of Shinchan is still airing on the television and it has been dubbed in over 30 different languages and so far. It has published over 920 episodes and 25 full  films so far. In today's time Shinchan is a very popular cartoon series and 24th highest grossing animated franchises in the world, which  sales of over a 100 million copies!

I watch shinchan every day and definitely it can make your mood better and feels you refresh. I watch this funny cartoon series of shinchan to cool down my all day stress. The funny activities of 5 year old boy definitely makes you a laugh. It is one of the most amazing cartoon character in the anime industry and many people watch this. Not only small kid's, adults are also fan of shinchan. Did you know that?, the famous character of shinchan is based on the real life story of a small kid.

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"crayon shin chan" (Public Domain) by netsamadotcom
The real life story of ShinChan
The famous cartoon character of ShinChan is inspired from the real life kid “Shinnosuke Nohara” who faced death in the car accident, while saving her little sister "Himavari" from the hit of a car. His mother “Mixae” mentally unstable and went in shock after the son’s death. Mixae started sketching of her most loved son Shinchan in his memory. She draw sketches of the fun days with her son and creatively portrayed in the bunch of sketches she drew. Later, a professional cartoonist Yoshita Usai looked at those beautiful drawings made by shinchan's mother and offered to develop these beautiful and funny memories of her son ShinChan into a Japanese daily magazine, which gained high ratings and popularity after publishing. The story of Shinchan was translated into many language and started selling its franchises worldwide.

The last episode of ShinChan
It is also said that, the cartoon series was created that last episode of ShinChan, in which they shows the death of ShinChan. But they never aired that last episode of the series, where he dies while saving his sister from a car accident on the road. Well, some people said that this story of ShinChan death is totally fake and it is not a real life character, but some people are believe that ShinChan is based on real life 5 year old kid. Internet is a hub of fake and real things so it is very difficult to understand the truth of this story. But, if this story is true, then ShinChan is definitely a very brave brother, who lost his life while saving his little sister.

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