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The best and most powerful weapons in PUBG | List of high damage weapons in PUBG Mobile

There are many different types of weapons are available in PUBG to kill the enemies for surviving till the end. You are only able to pick three gun, in which one is a pistol and each weapon got their own specifications to manage it too. In these PUBG best weapons guide, I will tell you about the best pistols in pubg, best SMGs, best shotguns, best assault rifles, best sniper rifles and best melee weapons in the pubg mobile game.

If you want to know about the weapons which are best for killing enemies in few shots, then the good news is that I created a list of most powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile. In this guide you'll find a list of all strongest weapons in PUBG Mobile. To make all things more clearer, I split all types of weapons in PUBG Mobile with their number of different categories so you can easily know that, what type of weapon is suitable for you. So, here is the list of all the best guns in Pubg Mobile.

PUBG Sanhok" (CC BY 2.0) by Whelsko
Best weapons in Pubg Mobile, which gives high damage to enemies.

1. Best Pistols in Pubg


Scorpion is definitely a best pistol in the game, which will be very hard to beat. It is like a pocket SMG, capable gives high damage to enemies at close range with it's auto firing mode. The only downsides of this weapon is its inability to attach quickdraw or extended quickdraw magazines to it.


P18C is another amazing pistol in Pubg, which can release bullets in full auto mode. This makes it absolutely incredible to shoot the targets at close range. The P18C is not suitable for long range, but if you know, how can control its recoil? Then, this weapon will prove to be your perfect one.


The P1911 pistol shoot 45 ACP rounds. This gives it strong stopping-power at close range compared to other pistols. With this pistol you can kill your enemy in few perfect shot.

2. Best Submachine Guns in Pubg


The insane firing rate of Victor is capable to kill the enemy in some seconds. It is very easy to control while shooting the enemies. The only downside to this weapon is its 13 shot magazine that finish too quickly. Thankfully, this gun comes with all sorts of attachments, so you can attach extended mag on this gun to make it a truly terrifying weapon. It best for close range shoot.


The UMP9 is a common gun which gives a decent damage to close range or mid-range enemy and it has both a iron sight and amazing recoil. This gun comes with all attachments as well, including foregrips, suppressors, scope, laser light and magazines which will definitely make it very easier to use.

3. Best Shotguns in Pubg


Yes! S686 shotgun reload after every shots, but this gun is the best of all the shotguns. Only two shots of this gun can capable to kill enemies at close range.

4. Best Assault Rifles in Pubg


G36C is a new rifle which replacing the SCAR-L in Vikendi, G36C gives more fire rate than SCAR-L. This is a best weapon for short to mid range shooter and capable for dropping enemies fast, if you handle this perfectly. It can get long time for reloading and recoil, but if you adjust its capacity of ammo's then definitely its become a most powerful gun.


In appearance M762 is similar to the AKM, which shares similar characteristics but it has much faster fire rate than AKM. But you will need to watch for the recoil punch before firing. This is a best for short to mid range combat due to its fast fire rate. If you want to shoot long range enemy, then I suggest swapping to another AR.


M416 assault rifle is very easiest to use and it  has a decent damage and it can support all AR attachment. Normally, the SCAR-L rifle is pretty much powerful than the M416, but after fully equipped with attachments it comes out on the top in terms of damage per second (DPS), stability and firing rate.


Groza is only found in rare drop box creates found only in Crates, one of the most powerful Assault Rifle in the game by some margin, firing rate and stability. Start firing at long distance enemy and it definitely starts struggle to survive. The fastest reloading time of Groza is 3 seconds (without any Quickdraw magazine) and it can support lack of attachment.


QBZ95 rifle is only available in sanhok map of PUBG. If we compare this gun with M416, then it seems very weak rifle. However, it wins over the M416 when it comes to handling. It got a consistent recoil pattern which makes it much easier to use when pressing the trigger, which means, it is definitely a perfect weapon for those players who value accuracy. QBZ95 is not very powerful rifle compared to other. But it is one of the easiest assault rifles to handle.

5. Best Sniper Rifles in Pubg


The beast of sniper rifles in PUBG is the AWM. It is capable to kill the enemies only in one shot from long distance. But, it is a very rare gun which you can get only treasure that's only in drop box creates. This weapon is a absolute monster in Pubg. One hit to enemy in the head,  then it's doesn't matter if they’re wearing a level 3 helmet, they will definitely dead with one headshot and if headshot is not possible for you, then two shots to the chest can kill enemy. Most of time you can get an 8x Scope in the Crate box with the AWM. The only disadvantage of AWM is its bolt-action, it takes much time to reload a round between shots and it only takes unique 300 ammunition that can only get in Crates.


KAR98K is like a little brother of AWM, but still it is an excellent Sniper Rifle. It’s recoil rate is faster than AWM, but it got a very slow firing rate with great accuracy at long range.

6. Best DMR rifle in Pubg

Mini 14

The damage output of Mini 14 is not very high, but, it got the highest bullet capacity too, it can shoot 20 ammo's per round and best for long range fights. It can only supports few attachments like, stock and mag. But you can attach 8x, 6x or lower scope on it to kill long range enemies.


The SLR uses 7.62mm ammunition and it looks just like any other standard rifle. Start firing with this weapon at the enemy and you will quickly get kill in few shots. It can down the enemy in just three hits on the body. This gun support 8x scope and lower to kill down long range enemies.

7. Best light Machine Gun in Pubg


M249 is a best machine gun in pubg which capable to fire 100 bullets in less than ten seconds. This machine gun is very rare in pubg like AKM and Groza, which will only find in Crates and the main disadvantage of this gun is, it takes too much time for recoil.

8. Best Melee Weapons in Pubg


The most iconic and most powerful weapon in Pubg is Pan, which we also called frying pan. It is known for instance kill. if you don't have any gun and you know the technic of surviving from the enemies fire, then you can easily get kill with using this Pan. You just have to run here and there while beating the enemy with frying pan.

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