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Real life locations in PUBG! (Erangel Map)

Hello everyone, how are you all? Today we know about the real life locations of PUBG. Pubg is most popular video game right now and this game attracting lots of players with their amazing four types of different maps such as Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Today we know about the real life location in Erangel map of PUBG. Erangel map is most popular in pubg and most of the players use this map for playing. There are many different types of places located in Erangel, which are taken from real life locations. So let's know about them!

PUBG location in real life (Erangel map)

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The first real life location in PUBG is School, which is actually taken from Chernobyl area in Russia. Yes, this location on Erangel map of PUBG is real which anyone can easily find in the chernobyl disaster area in Russia.

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Now second location is shelter which you must have visited many times during the game, this is a underground base where you can find good material for loot. This location of Erangel map has been taken from an abandoned nuclear weapons storage area in Feodosia, Ukraine.

Paddy hay, Yasnaya Polyana
The Yasnaya Polyana is the most preferred location for great loot and many player land at this location. Here you have to pass through paddy hay (Golden Grass Valley) which is situated near the Yasnaya Polyana location. In real life this place is taken from the Slovakia province in Russia. Yasnaya Polyana is a big city located in the northeastern side of the Erangel map, which contains large buildings with good amount of apartments.

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Georgopol is divided into two different apartment, one is connected by roads and the other one is a base for Cargo containers. These two apartment are connected with a single bridge. Georgopol town is a most popular landing spot in PUBG with a great weapons and armour loot. But, you have prepare yourself before landing for an immediate fight, because this area is also known as a high risk location in Erangel. In real life, this Georgopol location is taken from Kaliningrad region in Russia.

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Sosnovka military base
Sosnovka military base is also known for great loot location. It place has lot of open space with a good variety of weapons. In real life, this location is situated in Duga, Russia. This is a Soviet radar system, which used as an anti-missile warning system in Russia.

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Quarry is look like a flooded limestone place which is totally different from the lush greenery in Sanhok. There are very less trees to cover yourself from the enemies, so you have to move as quickly as possible to loot and protect yourself from the opposite team members. In real life, this location is taken from West roxbury quarry.

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The stalbar is a valley with a huge mountains and the houses where you can find good weapons and armors to protect yourself from the enemies attack. In real life, this location is taken from the Alberty, a rocky mountain region in Canada.

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Red forest
Red forest is located near the Mylta power plant in the Erangel map of PUBG. The red forest is taken from Red forest area in Chernobyl, which surrounded by some nuclear power plants. The red forest name is comes from the brown colour of pine trees as they died because of the absorption of a high amount of radiation.

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Mylta Power
Mylta Power plant is a popular spot for the loot of high amount of SMGs and Assault Rifles. Anyone can also find some vehicle in this area, which are mostly buggies. This place is taken from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Russia.

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