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Only one mistake of scientists created this "Door To Hell"

Even today's world, there are so many things are present which are beyond of our understanding. There are many such places in the world that are full of surprises. Today, I am going to tell you about some of the places in the world, where it is impossible to live for a common man especially in a summer days. Nearly about 47 years ago, a team of Soviet scientists reached at the Karakum Desert of Turkmenistan. This place is well known for its underground natural gas sources worldwide. In Turkmenistan, Soviet scientists started to dig this area in 1971. While digging the ground they was making a cave with the excavation. As they excavated, a large part of the land went down and turned into a deep hole and that time there was so much gas came from the hole which is continuously blooming till the date.
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The Door To Hell
When you look at this pit, this is about 70 meters wide, it seems as like, it is the door to hell. The local people of this area call it as a "Door to hell". In the winter season, where this Carter gives comfort for the people from cool temperature, but in the summer season it is not less than hell because of its too hot temperature. In 2013, a researcher of national geographic 'George Corollus', thought to go into this pit. They found that microbial life living on the banks of rocks, beaches, mountains, rivers and inside the caves, which was breathing in that atmosphere of hot methane gas.

When you first see this hole of hell with your eyes, it is looks like any science fiction film,". But this place is too dangerous to visit. This is best place to visit in winter season to survive from cool temperature, but do not visit here in summer season, because it is too hot which can burn your skin. So if you visit this place in summer days, then try to keep safe distance from this "door to hell". You have to cover your face with the protective shield while standing at the crater's edge in winter days and in summer season any shield can't handle the hot pressure of this Crater.

Image credit - Wikimedia
This crater is a minor tourist destination in Turkmenistan, it is not visited by so many people only few adventure lovers visit here to feel it from long distance. Turkmenistan is the most isolated country in the world, but yet it's fledgling tourism industry trying to make this Carter as a great attraction point for adventure lovers. Because visitors can stand right on the edge of the crater, without any safety hazards. So for this reason, you can't visit here without the local travel guide.

This football pitch sized natural gas crater has been continuously on fire for more than 40 years. It was visited by more than 50,000 visitors on its fiery edges in the past few decade, here you can also enjoy fantastic wild camping in the surrounding Desert of Karakum.

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