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How to use AKM rifle perfectly in Pubg Mobile?

In this article, I am going to tell you that, how to use the AKM rifle perfectly in Pubg? lots of players in pubg always use AKM to kill their enemies. But, this assault rifle is very difficult to control during long distance gunfights, because of the high recoil. But after spending lots of time on testing and playing with this weapon, now I am finally make the guide that, how we can use this weapon in perfect way to kill more enemies.

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How to use AKM perfectly in Pubg?

While playing Pubg Mobile game, AKM is one of the most common weapon, which you can get easily anywhere in the rooms or buildings. Normally, when you shoot at long distance enemy on auto mode, this weapon can be unstable and you can't able to kill your enemy. But, if you use AKM assault rifle in perfect way, you can kill lots of enemies with it. But, How we can use AKM in a perfect way to kill more enemies? OK! For this, if your enemy is close to you then you can use this weapon on auto mode to shoot him and If your enemy is at long distance from you then shoot him with single shot mode. This will definitely helps you to kill more enemies in Pubg Mobile. But, for shooting long distance enemies you need to attach 4x or 6x scope to your AKM rifle to give perfect headshot.

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Why AKM is a perfect weapon to use in Pubg Mobile?

Because, AKM gives higher damage than M416 and Scar-L rifles and this weapon is great for shooting under 100 metres, so don’t ever think that AKM rifle is waste, all you need the best tactics and timing to use this weapon. It has excellent Power to stop enemies, AKM will hit enemies like a rocket and allowing you to knock out them from the game instantly. This weapon can be used in every range like close, mid and long range gun fights. It also has large amount of recoil, If you know how to control recoil perfectly, then this weapon is perfect for you to win chicken dinner. So, you can attach a Compensator and fire in bursts to control on your shots. In Close-Mid Range this weapon can take down enemies fastly with high stopping power.

What are the best attachments for AKM in Pubg?

Here is the list of compatible attachment for AKM

Compatible Sight
Red dot sight, Holographic sight, 2x scope, 3x scope, 4x scope and 6x scope.

Compatible Muzzle
Compensator (AR), Flash hider (AR) and Suppressor (AR)

Compatible Magazine
Extended Mag (AR), Quickdraw Mag (AR) and Quickdraw Extended Mag (AR)

So, if you use this compatible attachments with AKM perfectly, then this assault rifle will work for you as a beast and you can kill more enemies with it. Thanks for reading this article, I hope you like it and it will definitely helps you to increase your level in Pubg. Don't forget to Share this article with others.

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