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How to convert BP coins into UC (Unknown Cash) in PUBG Mobile?

Hello everyone, how are you all? Today we know about how we can convert BP (Battle Points) into UC (Unknown cash) in PUBG Mobile. The popular battle royale game PUBG, now give you a option to convert your BP coins into UC in its upcoming update. This new update is already released on its beta version and in some upcoming days it will be available on official version of PUBG Mobile for players. The new PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update could make it possible for you.

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How to convert BP into UC in PUBG Mobile?

For converting your BP coins into UC, you have to purchase any BP to UC conversation plan from its two premium and normal plan. This conversation option will be available on it's upcoming update for the users and they can easily convert their BP coins into UC. The price of this plans are different from each other, if you purchase premium conversation plan then you have to spend definitely more amount than normal plan, but in premium plan you can get more benefits that normal one.

PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus plans will allow players to convert their 500BP coins for 5UC, so if you have 500000 BP in your account then you can convert it into 5000 UC and then you can easily upgrade your royalty pass for getting new features for your character. Using this UC you can also upgrade your clothes to new one for making your character more attractive.

For the subscriptions of converting BP into UC plans, you have to spend some money on it. PUBG Mobile Prime subscription plan is priced at $0.99 around 70 INR per month, which will offer BP to UC conversion for a month, after finishing one month you have to purchase it again if you want. In premium plan you can get 10UC for daily log in, RP points, Room card, crate coupons,150UC in bonus and an ID card. This is very good deal for Pubg players.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription plan will be priced more higher, around $9.99 (around 700 INR) per month, but there first time subscription introductory price of $4.99 (around Rs 355) per month. In this prime plus plan, players can get 20UC for daily log in, extra XP in every match, exclusive access to RP missions, rename card, room card, coupon and 300 UC in bonus. So you can choose your plan as your budget.

This subscription plans of PUBG Mobile do not affect the free gameplay option, which has played by millions. The subscriptions will add some extra source of revenue for the developers to make this game more attractive and to beat the revenue ranking of fortnite game. Both games has been developed by the same company which name is "Epic Games", but different teams are working on the both projects, so each team is working hard to get higher level rank than other one. That's why both games are increasing their popularity day by day throughout the world.

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