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Where is RPD house located in zombie mode of PUBG Mobile?

Hello everyone, Today we know some interesting about Pubg mobile game. Pubg is the most played game in the world these days and it available on all platforms to play from PC to mobile. This is a fantastic strategy game based on the last man standing theory. In this game you can connect with lots of players in the world to play with them. It's very interesting?

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Recently, PUBG introduced zombie mode to their users. This is most awaited update of PUBG Mobile and finally this mode has been officially released by PUBG team for their audience. In this mode you have to survive till down, you have to survive from zombie attacks by killing them. Here you have to fight with different types of zombies and believe me it's very interesting to play, but very hard to win chicken dinner. At any moment many zombies attack on you at once from your backside, so it's very important to see all around while playing in this mode. This mode of PUBG Mobile is based on resident evil 2 theme, that's why here you can see many zombies characters of resident evil 2 game.

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The main boss of all these zombies is called 'Tyrant'. Before killing tyrant you have to kill all zombies and then go to kill their boss Tyrant. Tyrant is the most powerful zombie and when you kill it, you can get many powerful weapons and resources. Don't go very close to Tyrant, try to kill him with some secure distance. Tyrant is very big in size so you have to find most powerful weapons to kill him and those powerful weapons you can get after kill some fat zombies. This is best mode to explore something interesting in Pubg mobile, but it is very difficult to win.

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In the zombie mode of PUBG Mobile, you can see RPD (Raccoon Police Department) house in your background, so where is this RPD house located on map? This question comes in everyone's mind after seeing that. Where you can spot this Raccoon Police Department house in Pubg? Let's know it! RPD house is located on Erangel map of PUBG in zombie mode. But it constantly changing its location and its very hard to spot. The RPD house is used as a base by all zombies. If you reach at this house, you can see all types of zombies living here with their boss Tyrant. After getting inside of this RPD house, you can spot many zombies walking around and its very easy to kill them, but very carefully because Tyrant is also living there. When you kill some zombies in this house, Tyrant comes out to kill you with the fast movement, but with some strategies you can easily kill Tyrant in this house, because here is many spots are available where you can hide yourself.

Where is RPD (Raccoon Police Department) located?

RPD is a hub of zombies, which can only available in Erangel map of zombie mode. But, the location of this house is not fixed at any particular place, it is continuously changing. Here are some spot where you can find this house.

The first spot is located between mansion and shelter, if you don't see that RPD house near there, no problem this house, which i market in blue is filled with lots of powerful weapons and resources to kill zombies.

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The other place is located near Yasnaya Polyana, I found this house first time here. So I hope you might be also see that.

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Try these two locations to spot the RPD house of zombies in Erangel map only while playing zombie mode. Sometimes it also appears near the school building. Thanks for reading this article and I hope you like this. Don't forget to Share with others and keep visiting.

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