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The world's most beautiful deserted cities, which left by human!

Hello everyone, Do you like to explore new places in the world? Are you interested in knowing the hidden secrets behind the cities that are scattered? If your answer of these questions is 'yes'. So today I am going to tell you about the five such deserted places of the world where no one lives.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima Island is also called as a Gunkanjima, which is located about 15 kilometers distance from the city of southern Japan 'Nagasaki'. This island is one of 505 uninhabited islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. It seems like, it was destroyed by the powerful storm, due to which not any person could survive that Strom, but this is not at all. In 1887 this place was constructed to mint coal. More than 5000 workers used to remove the coal from the ocean. This place was used to be a house for 5000 employees, but due to industrialization in Japan, many cheap options were replaced in exchange for coal and this coal mine had to be shut down. Employees who living on Hashima Island returned. Now many empty houses have been grabbed by the ruins, where just some courageous people come to see it because of curiosity.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Ordos Ghost City, China

If we think about China's characteristics, the first thing that comes in our mind is the world's largest population. Now, according to the population of this country, it is necessary to come to the mind that there will be a lack of space for staying in China. But on the other side, if I say that there is a whole city lying vacant here, then surely you will not be able to digest this thing. The town of Ordo is a city of China, where people don't want to stay. There are many huge building lying vacant in this city. At the day time, there is hardly any person can seen besides the clean worker, there is no shortage of anything in this city. Libraries, amusements, parks, theaters, hotels, restaurants and gardens everything is available. But with all these facilities there is a shortage of human. The people who made the city thought that a large number of people will shift here quickly and gradually people are shifted here, but the rate of shift is quite slower. In this city only few people you can able to seeing in the restaurant or hotel at night, because people who are living far away from each other only get out in the evening.

Houtouwan Village, China

Many of you will definitely be the fans of the Hollywood movie The Hobbit. After seeing the houses shown in this film, the thing is comes in everyone's mind that such a nature-friendly homes should be made everywhere. Houtouwan village in China has adopted by the nature with great love. There is beautiful greenery on the roofs of the houses, which you can see after going there, it seems like we have come to the city of dreams. Until 1980 this village was used to be house of around 3000 fishermen, but the villagers had to face many inconveniences in living at this place, so people gradually left the village. After this village was abandoned by all the people in 2002, the nature take care of this village in its lap. In every house here you get to see small flora which makes this village very beautiful.

Image credit - Wikimedia
Oradour, France

There is a tremendous history behind the desert city of Oradour, it is a story of during the second world War, when German soldiers reached far from the point by mistake and some innocent people were killed by German soldiers. The German soldiers made a mistake of understanding Oradour Surgalame city as the Oradour Survivor. The Nazis of the Germans used to think that the people of the city have kept some big official person's hidden in the city, so the Nazis slaughtered 642 people, including men, women and children. None of the people in the city left alive by the Nazis. The President of France announced that the city will be rebuilt again as well as this event can not be forgotten, hence the signs of this incident will not be erased. Since then, the city has been deserted.

Image credit - Wikimedia by Chris 73
Poveglia Island, Italy

This island has been officially closed by the government of Italy, but some enthusiasts take the risk of going to this island while recognizing the danger of being arrested. After knowing the history behind this island, you feel thrilled yourself. The plague epidemic was spread in the sixteenth century on this island and one by one people were becoming victims of it and were dying. To stop this pandemic, there was so large piles of dead people were being burnt. After a few years of this incident, a mantle hospital was opened there in 1922. It was said that, here's doctors tortured the patients by doing various kinds of experiments on them and after such a horror story was exposed and after opposing the people, the government banned this place to visit forever.

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