Monday, 11 February 2019

The safest places on Earth, where birds can not even enter in it

There are such places on the earth which are so secure, that no any bird or human can enter in it and we sometimes wonder, why such places are so secured? Because, they are hidden treasures. So, today we are going to know about them.

Here i have listed a few places, which are kept secret from the world, while there are some places that look very normal from outside but they have strictly secured inside, let's take a look.

Image credit - Wikimedia
1. Havenco Limited - Sealand

The first place is havenco limited, thar are well kept hidden with strong security, so that no one can enter in it. Although, many people are unaware of this place and nor they have heard about this place, because it is almost impossible to reach here. This place is so much protected that the person who works there protects this place with such safety so that they are saving important information.

Image credit - Wikimedia
2. Bank Of England Gold - United Kingdom

If the thing is gold, then security is most important to protect it. Everyone have seen in movies, that how there are various protected systems in a vault to secure it from robbers and other people's, which have access to only a few important people. The bank of England gold contains 4 million tons of gold in the world's largest safes and only few authorized persons can enter in it.

Image credit - Wikimedia
3. ADX Prison - United States

Nobody has seen the hell, but now they are going to see it, because this place is like a hell for criminals, which known as the home for the most wanted people in the world, they are kept in advanced security arrangements. This place is so safe that nobody will get a chance to escape from it.

4. White Mountain - United States

White Mountain is a highly secured place in America, where they store most confidential information of the country. It includes the world's most secretive and informative documents and files. There are 1.7 million square feet of vault which everyone sometimes wonder what is actually happening there!

Image credit - Wikimedia
5. Federal Reserve Bank - United States

The building of federal reserve bank of America may seem like a normal building, but this bank is a very protected place in the world, which holds about a 1/4 of the world's gold. The most surprising thing about this building is, that vault inside the building is located approximately 80 feet below the road level, which is about 50 feet below sea level.

"Fort Knox, KY Bullion Depository Buildin" (CC BY 2.0) by army.arch
6. Fort Knox - United States

This is the most safest place on the earth, because it has contains about $ 270 billion worth of gold and Fort Knox have their different combination, which will disappoint anyone, its combination changes every day.

Image credit - Wikimedia
7. Area 51 - United States

This place is so protected, that you can not even know the location of this place, because Area 51 is very popular for being the safest place on the earth and people will be confused to know about this place. Well, no human and animal can enter inside this area and if they have entered it, they will also have to suffer severe consequences.

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