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Thailand vs Philippines which one is better for vacation?

The southeast Asia has lots of amazing destination for many travelers around the world. With amazing cultural influences and beautiful sceneries of the continent is no stranger for tourists to explore and discover it. These two countries offers lots of beautiful places to their tourist. Let's know about them.

Thailand has always been a favorite destination for bachelor's and especially for backpackers. On the other hand, Philippines is rapid gaining popularity thanks to its wonderful natural beauty. These Southeast Asian countries has many interesting destination, but it's going to be a difficult to choose, if you are only planning to travel in one country between Thailand and Philippines. Thailand and Philippines are very different from each other.

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Thailand has been listed in top must visit place lists for a long time. It is almost a landlocked country which bordering other countries such as Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and some part of Malaysia. The southern region of Peninsula is famous for its amazing beaches and surrounding islands that are teeming with natural wonders. The landscape of Thailand is diverse with dense forests and vast mountain ranges divided by steep river valleys. The central plain is densely populated and the main center for agriculture in Thailand. Along the eastern shore of Thailand, there are fisheries and aquaculture contributing to the economic progress in area. The southern part of this country is filled by tropical humid forests which are the best source of rubber plantations and coconut cultivation.

Thailand has both type of climate tropical and subtropical and it is depends on the shifting of the monsoon winds. There are three seasons: the summer season begins from March to mid-May, the rainy season starts from mid-May to October and the winter season from November to February. The winter season is mostly experienced in the mountain and inland areas, because of the different topography.

The most of beaches in Thailand are found at southern peninsular region. It is hot all year, but rainy season occurs at any times of the year. That's why it's always take a light, packable rain jacket with you while traveling to Thailand. Many travelers visit Thailand to taste local Thai cuisine that take influences from neighboring countries. Thailand is also popular for bargain shopping and nightlife. Thailand is Buddhist country, so it is also known for gorgeous temples and peaceful destinations, which are perfect for introspection and meditation. The culture and customs of Thailand are also very colorful and vibrant. It's low costs transportation service, accommodation and other activities, it is no wonder that Thailand has been considered as one of the best destinations to visit in Asia.

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Philippines is becoming a great destination for tourism nowadays. This country has over 7,000 different islands, which become a prime destination for its exotic beaches and laid back island life. The country is also home of 9,600 square miles of reef, which makes nearly 9 percent of the world's total reef area. The SCUBA divers have discovered this reef of a country and now the rest of the world is enjoying it. Philippines is made of three main island in the regions, which is Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Luzon is topmost part of the country, mostly made up of landlocked provinces and home of country's capital, Manila. Visayas is the central region made with few groups of islands, which making it as a best destination for beach lovers and divers. Mindanao is a southern part of Philippines and  another provinces with a scattering of provincial islands.

Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country and religion plays a very big role in the way of living for people. On the other hand, Mindanao is a Muslim region with a very few Catholic communities. It has become infamous for religious and political problems and throwing the rest of the country in a negative way. But, this clashes does not affect the beauty and adventure to be had in the country. As a tropical nation, there are only two season, which are wet and dry. These seasons have shifted in some recent years and sometimes it's become unpredictable. In general, the rainy season starts around June to August and it feels like summer all the year round. Philippines is a very exotic destination to discover and the Filipino peoples are known for their hospitality. Every traveler who comes here is definitely fall in love with this country.

The Thailand and Philippines share many cultural and geographical traits, but every country has something different to offer their guest and it is depends on the what kind of adventure you're looking for.

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Go Thailand For:

Amazing local cuisine

Deep cultural experiences

Unique and extensive shopping

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Go Philippines For:

All kinds of adventures with nature

Welcoming and friendly locals

Cheap and affordable luxury services

Thailand and Philippines both are best countries to travel. Both have their own unique beautiful beaches and natural surroundings, but, Thailand is already based at the top of the list for great destinations to visit and lots of tourists from different parts of the world come here to enjoy their holidays. Philippines is fast rising as a tourist destination in the world, because of its amazing island and beaches. There are many places in Philippines which are still unexplored by outsiders, so if you want to see something unique with amazing hospitality, then definitely you can visit Philippines.

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