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Secret Tips and Tricks of PUBG mobile | how to get chicken dinner in Pubg easily?

PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds) is the most popular battle game in the world and this is best for those who need more thrilling experience than Call of Duty. This game is very addictive with amazing graphics and locations. The player only have a gun to survive till the end. After landing on the location searching for weapons and armor is your first thing to do, because without gun you can not survive yourself in this game. It is very important to watching all around areas to spot enemies, look for places to hide and shoot. This game turns you into a warrior and you need to survive yourself till the end to prove that you are a great warrior. This is a game of skills and techniques, If you have a skill for making strategy, then Pubg is the best game for you.

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Every player wants to get better at their game, so today I tell you about some tricks that you can use while playing Pubg to survive yourself till the end. Today we know about some new hiding spots, best places to find loot, and lots more. Everyone wants to be the winner to gets the chicken dinner. So, have a look at our list of awesome things, that you could do in PUBG to win chicken dinner.

There are so many little tricks in Pubg, which worth knowing for winning it. If you use this tricks perfectly, then you can differently win chicken dinner in your every match. So let's know about the tricks.

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1. Remember to put away your weapon, pressing the X key on your PC means you can sprint 6 per cent faster.

2. Barefoot running by taking off your shoes is the same speed as running with shoes, but you experience running speed is quieter on most surfaces.

3. How you can refuel your vehicle in pubg? Some beginner player don't know how to do it. You needs to search gasoline can in the houses and if you got it, then you can use this to refuel your vehicle. You can only refuel your vehicle while you are inside of it, you can not able to refuel your vehicle from outside.

4. Turn on Peek and Fire
In Settings go to Basic options and enable ‘Peek & Fire.’ button. This trick allows you to peek from behind the window or any cover, this trick allows you to shoot the enemy without exposing yourself too much.

5. When you are playing the game with your teammates using voice chat, then don't forget to set your chat to team only. If you set voice chat to all, then enemies can also listen you.

6. Use Gyroscope
PUBG Mobile has the ability to use your smartphone’s gyroscope for aiming. This trick can be very helpful when you have to aiming down sights, or to move your phone to aim at enemies instead of touch and drag on the screen. To enable gyroscope, just go into Settings and then click on Basic.

7. Aim Assist
The Aim Assist is for easier aiming on a touchscreen phone, because aiming on a touchscreen is not as accurate as aiming with a mouse on pc. A spot-on aim will help you to kill the enemies faster.

8. Enable Auto-open Doors
For this go to Settings -> Basic and enable ‘Auto open doors’ to fastly get inside the rooms without constantly tap the open door button.

9. Best Landing Spots in Miramar

1. Big loot, but very high risk:
Hacienda del Patron

2. Big loot, with risk:
Campo Militar

3. Good loot, low risk:
Minas Generales

10. After starting the game all doors are closed. If any door is open, then someone's been there. If you leave a door open after getting inside of any room, you are telling the enemies that you have been there too.

11. Best Landing Spots in Erangel

1. Big loot, at very high risk:
Military Base
Mylta Power

2. Good loot, with some lower risk

3. Decent loot, with very low risk
Bunkers near ‘Shelter

12. Play on the Edge
If you have good scope like 4x or 8x, then try to survive at the edge of the play zone near the blue circle and inside the white line. This trick gives you a good view of the play zone and reduce the chances of enemies might be coming behind you.

13. Don't shoot unnecessarily
If you spot any enemy, only shot them if a kill is guaranteed, otherwise you will just giving away your location to them.

14. Use Headphones to Hear Enemy's Footsteps
Headphones will help you not only in hearing distant gunfire, but also footsteps of the enemies.

15. Vehicles are great a great for covering large distances at fastest speed, but draw huge amounts of enemies attention with their noise. SS use them wisely.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you like it. Share this tricks with your friends and keek visiting.

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