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How to survive in zombie mode of PUBG Mobile? | Survive Till Down

Hello everyone, how are you all? Today's topic is about zombie mode of PUBG Mobile. How you can survive in zombie mode of PUBG Mobile without loosing your health. Zombie mode is the most awaited update of PUBG Mobile, which was recently officially released by PUBG developers. In this mode you have to survive for two nights with zombies, after landing in zombie mode you need to find weapons and resources to protect yourself from zombies. Zombies comes out from the ground only in night, so in day time you can try to find out some weapons and resources to kill zombies. After getting dark, zombie starting to come out from the ground and you have to kill them. After killing some zombies you can also get some powerful weapons and ammos.

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But, the main survival with zombies starts in night, because many zombies comes out from the ground one by one in nighttime and all zombies try to attack on you at once and that time is most hardest to survive yourself from them, because you have to survive yourself from both enemies and zombies at the same time. There are many types of zombies in pubg which has been taken from the resident evil 2 game. Lickers are the most irritating zombies in this mode of PUBG, because they can kills you by spitting also while you running to survive yourself from them. So, how you can survive yourself from all types of zombies in pubg mobile? Let's know it!

You have to survive with zombies only for two nights and these two nights are very dangerous for every player. So, after landing try to find any weapons and resources first.

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Normal zombie are not so dangerous!

Normal zombies are not very dangerous, you can also kill them, if you don't have any gun, one knife is capable to kill them. But, other types of zombies are very dangerous, mostly that Lickers.

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Try to headshot them,

Try to attack on their head, some zombies can be killed after one headshot and some need three headshot. It depends upon which gun you are using, mostly AWM gun is best for headshot this gun can kill them only in single shot.

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How to kill fat zombies in Pubg?

There are two types of hippo zombies in Pubg. One is with protective shield and other one is without any shield. Second type fat zombies are easy to kill, but the zombie with protective shield are very dangerous, don't shoot on their body because they can secure themselves by protective shield and they can also able to run faster. So, you just need to shoot on their head to kill them in few shots.

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How to kill licker zombies in PUBG Mobile?

This zombies are more faster than others in running and they spit poisonous acid on you while running. Most of the players will be knocked out from the game because of this types zombies.

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If you are unable to kill them, try to protect yourself from them, to do this use any covered jeep and try to hit them with the Jeep. While you are inside of the Jeep they trying to spitting on you, but because of covered jeep you can protect yourself from them and also able to kill them by hitting with your jeep. Remember that, don't stop your vehicle for long time, when they spitting on you, because they can damage your car.

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How to kill Tyrant in Pubg Mobile?

Tyrant is the most powerful zombie and also the boss of all zombies in pubg. Killing Tyrant is not very easy as killing other zombie. Tyrant is very bigger in size and its one hit by hand is capable to knock out from the game. You can't kill him with any vehicle like you killed lickers, you just have most powerful guns to kill him like fire gun or machine gun and try to keep the safe distance from Tyrant. Sometimes Tyrant can throws large stone on you, So try to get cover behind any big stone or trees and try to continuously shooting on his head.

So, this are some tips for wining chicken dinner in zombie mode of PUBG Mobile.

Useful Tips and Tricks to survive in zombie mode of PUBG Mobile?

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You can also use non working empty trucks to hide yourself from zombies, after getting inside the truck be the prone at the center do not touch any corners of the truck only stay prone at center, because zombie also attack inside the truck from its corners and lickers try to spitting on you, but if you stays at the center of the truck their spit can't reach at you.

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You can also kill zombies from the roof tops of the house, because zombies cannot able to come over the roof of the houses, but only you have to survive yourself from spitting zombies.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope it will helps you to survive till down. Share this article with others if you like it and also check my other post. Keep visiting!

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