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How to play Solo vs Squad match in PUBG Mobile?

Hello everyone, how are you all? Today, I come again with new PUBG related topic. In this post I am going to tell you about, how you can play Solo vs Squad matches in PUBG Mobile? Many players play squad vs squad or solo vs solo match in Pubg, but lots of players don't know this, they can also play Solo vs Squad match in PUBG Mobile. Many people asked on Quora, that is it possible to play Solo vs Squad matches in PUBG Mobile. So, the answer is Yes! Every player can play Solo vs Squad match in Pubg.

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What is Solo and Squad in Pubg?

"TslGame_2018-10-08_02-47-56" (CC BY 2.0) by Whelsko
In Solo Match, every player have to play with their own skills. In this type of matches, you have to play like one man army without any teammates. In solo match, if anyone kills you then your game is finish, because no one can come to revive you like squad matches and your opponent also plays like one man army without any team. That's why it's called Solo vs Solo match.
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In Squad match, everyone is playing with a group of maximum four players. Most of the players prefer squad matches to play, because in this type of matches you are playing with your teammates and if you got killed by your opponent squad member, then your squad member can come to revive you. So, if you play with proper planning with your teammates then you can easily win chicken dinner in this type of matches. In squad match your opponent also plays with their teammates. That's why it's called Squad vs Squad match.

So, now how you can play Solo vs Squad match? For playing this type of match, you need to have a great playing skills and strategies, because your opponent players is playing in squad and they can attack you from different sides. If you killed their any team member, then other three team members can attack on you from different positions. It's seems very hard to win match, but many expert player play this type of matches with their own unique techniques. So, what you have to do to play Solo vs Squad match. Let's know it!

First open your PUBG Mobile game, then click on the playing mode selection tab.

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After getting inside the players selection modes, you can select your favorite map to play as I select Erangel.

Image credit - PUBG Mobile
After selecting your favorite area first click on the squad button, then uncheck Auto-matchmaking box and click on OK button.

Image credit - PUBG Mobile
Now start your game and you can see that you are a solo player.

Now, the question is how you can know your opponent is playing in squad or not? This will only know after you have been killed by any squad member.

After knocked out from the game click on the separate opponent button to see the squad who killed you.

Image credit - PUBG Mobile
Thanks for reading this article and I will feel very happy if you share this with others. I hope, it will helps you to play better game and increase your skills. Don't forget to visit again, I will come back again with new PUBG related topic till then bye-bye.

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