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Disneyland (Paris) vs Disney World (Florida) Which one is best to visit?

Disneyland in Paris and Walt Disney World in Orlando are well known and most visited theme parks of the world. Lots of tourists come here to enjoy the fantasy world. Both are favorite parks of children. There are many things to take into consideration while choosing a Disney vacation.

Both parks are have their different theme and sometimes it is become very difficult to decide, that which Disney resort park you will choose as your destination. Visiting a Disney world or Disneyland is a dream for many children and tourists from all around the world. Every year lots of peoples visit these theme parks to enjoy their holidays and children's are feel very happy after seeing their favorite character in front of their eyes. For most of the people, it is like a dream to see it once in a lifetime, but for others, it is like a regular family vacation activity.

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Choosing which Disney park is better is can be quite challenge, because every resort has its own features. So let's know about them

Disneyland is located Paris and Walt Disney World located in Orlando, Florida. Both are well-known Disney resorts, but Which Is Better in these?.

Let's know the features of Disneyland in Paris

Disneyland is the most visited theme park in Europe, every year, the resort complex entertains more than 14 million tourist whose come from different parts of the world. This theme park is comprised of 2 theme parks, 6 associated hotels, 7 resort hotels, an entertainment district, a golf course, a railway system, and a town called Val d’Europe. This Disneyland of Paris is covers around 4,800 acres area of the city.

Disneyland park

This is the first park in the complex of Disney which opened on April 12, 1992 with the resort and it is also the second Disney park built outside America.

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Here are some best attractions of Disneyland

This Disneyland has around 45 different attractions and each has its own height and safety requirements.

The three most famous attractions in this park are a Small World, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Small World attract young children. It takes kids and their parents on a amazing boat ride which follows the flow of rivers around the attraction. In this ride, they would meet multicultural dolls who sing the song “It’s a Small World”.

In Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, the visitor sits in a star cruiser and shoots laser beams at targets.

Last, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is attracts to older children and adults.

The most unique attraction of this resort apart from the other Disney parks is Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant, which means 'Sleeping Beauty’s Castle'.

With all These attractions this Disneyland has been considered as one of the most beautiful Disney castles ever built.

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Entertainment facilities in Disneyland

This park has 4 different show and parades with the cast of Walt Disney. For action and adventure lover kids, the Jedi Training Academy is a most enjoyable place to learn and to be entertained.

Dining facilities in Disneyland

There are about 29 restaurants inside this park and each has its own specialty. If you are looking for American food, then you can eat at Au Chalet de la Marionette. They offer burgers, cheeseburgers and also chicken.

Other fast food shops are also available like, the Cable Car Bake shop, CafĂ© Hyperion and Casey’s Corner.

If you like Italian food such as pasta, pizza and other, then you can definitely dine in Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet Restaurant.

If you are looking for a more formal dining experience, you can dine in the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, which offers exotic food options with seafood.

If you are a fan of French cuisine, then you can also try Auberge de Cendrillon, which offers authentic French food.

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Now let's know the attractions of Walt Disney Studios Park in Orlando, Florida

This park has only 14 attractions, If you are looking for a thrilling ride, you should try the RC Racer and If you have small children, then you can try the Ratatouille: The Adventure.

For entertainment, this park has 7 different entertainment sections. For parents with kids, you can watch the Disney Junior Live show on Stage. For adults audience, you can watch Stitch Live! Here you can also watch the parades and other stage shows, which are also amazing to see.

Walt Disney Studios Park Dining
This park has only five restaurants which are mostly for food on the go.

Walt Disney Studios Park Hotels
There are several hotels inside this resort. However, such hotels are very expensive, mostly during the peak season, the hotel rates are increase up to $1,200 a night here.

If you do not want to spend too much money on accommodations, you can book hotels at outside of the resort. Some hotels near the resort also offer travel services from the hotel to the resort.

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Walt Disney Studios Shops
Total 43 shops are in the two parks. Where you can buy toys, costumes and souvenirs. Here you can also find some amazing gift items for your kids. If you want a wider range of shopping options, then you can go to Walt Disney Studios Park Disney Village. It has 10 shops which offer apparel, accessories, costumes, art and many other collection.

Walt Disney Studios Park Ticket
You can buy a one-park ticket or two-park ticket in Disney world. If you want to enjoy the Magic shows of Disney go to the fullest, it is better for you to buy the two-park tickets, which is valid for two days or more.

Two-park tickets that are valid for two days worth £115.00 for adults and £104.00 for children.

Features of Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World Resort or Disney World in Orlando is an entertainment complex of Florida and a flagship of the worldwide Disney parks. This huge complex of Disney world covers 27,258 acres area of Orlando.

The resort is home of around 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, 4 golf courses, 2 themed miniature golf courses, 27 themed resort hotels, 9 non-Disney hotels, one camping resort and a shopping district.

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Major attractions of  Disney World

The Magic Kingdom Park is divided into 6 magical places, which are Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland and the Main Street U.S.A. area.

This park has over 41 attractions and rides which includes the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and the Cinderella Castle. This park also has 31 restaurants with different entertainment facilities.

Epcot park is a home of around 34 attractions include galleries and interactive playing areas. It also has 70 restaurants which offer different types of cuisines. This place is best for older children and adults.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios park has 10 attractions which focused on different Disney films, include set adventures and 3D movie experience. This park is also a home of 27 restaurants.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is best for animal lovers, you would definitely enjoy this park, if you like animals. It has 28 attractions that allow to watch and mingle with animals. It also has dinosaur and fossil attractions and offers different food options with its 22 restaurants.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is for water adventure activities, you should come to this park to enjoy water sports. It has 11 water attractions with rides and pools. This park also has 6 restaurants that offers American food.

Disney Blizzard Beach Water Park is to enjoy the beautiful Florida beach with your friends. It is also a home of 11 attractions of water rides and interactive activities.

Downtown Disney Area is for buying gift items, apparels and accessories, you can also dine in any of its 41 restaurants here and kids can also play at the Marketplace carousel.

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Disney World options
To maximize your Disney World experience, you can also buy a park-hopper ticket which allow you to visit all four theme parks in this resort. If you buy tickets in advance and get a one-day park-hopper ticket, you have to pay only $64 and if you want to add water park adventures, then you have to pay $90.

So, Walt Disney World in Orlando may be a better option for you, because there are far more rides and attractions, as well as more accommodation options, nice hotels inside the park and big villas just a few minutes drive away from it. Each Disney park has its pros and cons, but it is depending on your travel needs. There are so many villas where you can stay in if you want a peaceful place away from the resort during your vacation tour to Disney world.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope this will helps you to plan your trip and don't forget to Share this with others if you like and also keep visiting.

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