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Best locations for landing in Erangel map | Types of vehicles | PUBG Mobile

The Erangel map of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’s (PUBG) is still the best and most used map in the game. Because, Miramar map is too big, Sanhok is too small, and Vikendi is very snowy. So Erangel is the perfect map for everyone and that's why it used by most of the players. If you are playing PUBG for the first time, then this is the best map to start your journey in pubg. Erangel map is inspired on Russian island, which has dense forests, abandoned towns, military complexes, and shelters. This guide will show you the perfect location for you to landing on Erangel map to get best loot.

Every player have different game strategies. Someone like to land at a high risk spot to get best loot and others choose lower risk places with decent loot. If you are searching for the best places to get biggest loot on Erangel, you have come to the perfect place. It is most important for every player to get a good loot early in the game. So, here i listed the top 10 locations on Erangel map.

Locations with low risk (less players landing here and good for a decent loot)

1. Shooting Range
This location is best for good loot with low risk. Here you can expect to equip your character with a good Level 3 survival items and weapons within the few minute of landing.

2. Severny
Severny is located on the Northern side of the map. It is filled with a lot of buildings where you can get some decent loot.

3. Primorsk
This location is at the South on the mainland of the map, which will offer a good loot from the buildings there.

4. Mylta
Mylta has only a few buildings which keeps it off radar for most of the players. But, Mylta is best location for a good loot and here you can expect to get an best rifles and scope early after landing in the game.

5. Novorepnoye
This location is situated near Military base, which has many building with good loot. But, most of the players prefer to land on the military base over this location as it has better loot but it also has a higher risk, because many players come to this location after landing at military base.

Locations with High Risk (most of the players landing here, because it's good for excellent loot)

6. Georgopol
Georgopol is a container terminal, which is a hot spot for most of the players. Because, here you can easily get 8X scopes, best rifles, level 3 bags, helmet and all available to loot. But, your chances of survival at this place are very low, because many players landing here at the same time.

7. School
School is another most popular location for landing on Erangel. The rooms inside the school campus filled with good loot. The buildings and houses beside the school campus also have great for loot too.

8. Pochinki
This Is the most preferred location on the Erangel map, here you can get all you need with excellent items. You will definitely find the best weapons and attachments at this place. But remember it is also preferred as a active war zone.

9. Prison
If you want some excellent loot, then landing in prison complex is best for you. The massive warehouses and a single large building gives you a excellent loot. Here you will find a lot of medical supplies too.

10. Sosnovka Military Base
The best loot location on the game can be found here. But, this is a well known for the war zone. So, you have to always watch your back, when you land here.

"20180316192351_1" (CC BY 2.0) by Whelsko
Here is a list of different types of vehicles in Pubg

Buggy – This vehicle can carry only two players, it doesn't provide cover but is fast and excellent vehicle for off-road driving.

UAZ (Open top) – UAZ can carried up to four players in it, this vehicle doesn't provide a lot cover either, but good off-roader.

UAZ (Closed top) – It carries four players and provides decent cover. This is the most durable and best balanced vehicle in Pubg.

Motorcycle (with sidecar) – This motorcycle can carries three players in it, but not provides any cover. It's Fast, but not well balanced and not for off-road.

Motorcycle – It carries two players, provides no cover, and best for off-road. It’s also very fast and fuel efficient.

Dacia 1300 – This vehicle can carries up to four players in it, provides good cover, but has bad for off-road.

PG-117 – This water vehicle carries five players in it. It doesn't Offer any protection, but is a quick boat for naval assaults.

Aquarail – This is also water vehicle which carries two players in it. Aquarail not provide any protection and is more affected by waves in the water than PG-117.

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