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Apex legends vs Fortnite, which one is better to play?

Pubg, Fortnite and Apex legends are the most famous battle royale games in the world right now. We’ll admit, that it’s very hard to compare these games with each other, because every game has its own specifications. These games are attracting lots of peoples from all over the world and growing it's popularity day by day. In these types of games you need to survive yourself till the end and the last man is declared as a winner.

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But, today we will not talk about Pubg, we talk about Apex Legends and Fortnite, both games are boasting their own distinct selection of graphics, visual effects and strategies for players. Both games have a big fan following in all over the world, so how we can choose one of them game to play? So I have compared the core differences between Apex Legends and Fortnite games to help you decide which battle royale game is perfect to play for you!

How do they work?

Apex Legends

Apex Legends and Fortnite gives you a very different experience while playing. So, first start with Apex legends. Apex is a first person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment with the battle royale formula. In this game you can choose any from a variety of ‘Legends’, each has their own unique skills and abilities. The pathfinder is best for extending a zipline to help your three members squad to escape from danger. On the other hand, Bloodhound can scan surrounding area for finding nearby enemies.

Flexibility and Respawn has guaranteed in the future updates and upcoming Battle Pass implementation. Apex legends also has smaller player count, with 60 players, the squad layout of Apex work perfectly, although anyone can also play in solo mode if they want. But working with three friends is more thrilling and exiting, which made even better by the amazing Ping System.

What is a Ping system? OK, Ping System is used to notify big loot, enemies and good locations to explore with one touch. If you are not familiar with voice chat or find yourself playing with strangers, then it’s a wonderful way to communicate with your teammates and teamwork always remains good efforts. The shooting strategy, dynamic squad play and innovative systems, Apex Legends is the finest game in these genre and it definitely grow it's audience with upcoming updates.

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Now, let’s know about Fortnite, which developed by Epic Games. This colourful battle royale game is one of the world’s most popular games at this time. Fortnite players receives frequent updates that feature lots of creativity. These updates come in the form of seasonal events, map changes and new world. Anything can happen anytime in the world of Fortnite and developers has used this theory to its advantage.

How it plays?

"Fortnite Battle Royale Receives New Snip" (CC BY 2.0) by BagoGames
Fortnite is a third-person shooter game designed by unique building mechanics. The 99 other players landing with you from the Battle Bus and you will be free to find resources and equipment from across the various locations on the map. The strategy is most important in this game and sometimes buildings or houses comes into play during firefights and you can use them as a cover to protect yourself from gunfire and plan your next move. The strategy of the game is fascinating and undoubtedly, which makes Fortnite more user-friendly and attractive.

With squads, duos and solo play modes, Fortnite also introducing bespoke modes, which only for a limited time and you can play as a quick mode or quit match.

Both games are growing with new additions every day, using free-to-play model for its advantage to surprise their fans with ludicrous surprises. From a gameplay perspective, Apex legends gives you a very smoother and more satisfying experience while playing.

Where can I play these games?

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Apex Legends is currently only available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. But, in some upcoming days they has been also launch this game on mobile platforms, but Fortnite has the obvious advantage here as it dominates on all those platforms. Fortnite available on ios store, which you can download from your Apple device, but for Android users this game is not available on playstore. Android users have to visit their official website for download it. If you want to download fortnite on your android smartphone, then download it from Epic Games (click this link to download)

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