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Things that only few people knows about Titanic incident

Now everyone knows about that horrible incident of Titanic ship. Titanic was the world's most largest and most expensive ship of its time. The Journey of Titanic was started from England to reach New York City in America. That time, Titanic ship was stronger than the rest of the ships. There were too many security measures inside of this ship, but in spite of this, the ship was collapsed on its first visit to the iceberg. This tragic incident took place at 11:40 p.m. on the night of 14th April 1912 and at 2:20 p.m. at night, the ship was completely sealed in the sea.

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In this biggest ship crash about 1517 people were killed. This figure is the most biggest figure in today's ship crash. Four smoke stick was imposed in the Titanic ship, but you would be surprised to know that only three of them are used to work. The fourth stick of smoke was only fitted for decoration. The night of that tragic incident there was another ship in the Atlantic Ocean, which name was California. It was only a short distance from the Titanic ship, but that ship was too late to get the information. So he could not reach the right time and could not save more passengers.

A live mock drill was to be done one day before taking Titanic water tomb, but due to lack of time this could not be possible. In one scene of the titanic movie, when the ship collides with iceberg and starts to drown, musicians of that ship are performing. Even when Titanic was drowning in Real Life, musicians from there were performing for a peace of mind. During the Titanic's crash, a lot of people survived with the help of life boats. If tried, more people would have survived that time, because many life boats were empty which could save more peoples life.

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There is one more thing about the ship of Titanic that few people know. That is, more than the actual making amount of Titanic ship was spent on the making of Titanic film. The iceberg to which Titanic ship collapsed was floating in the sea for the past 30000 years. Most of the deaths in the Titanic accident were caused by cold water, not because of the drowning.

Titanic is the largest ship ever to date, which has sunk into the iceberg. People from many countries were traveling in it. There were also many honeymoon couples riding in it. Most of the passengers who were traveling in Titanic were traveling in some other vessel, which had been spoiled. Therefore its passengers were sent from Titanic to their destination. The height of the Titanic ship was equal to the 18-storey building. It was as big as about three football stadium. The sound of its whistle could be heard up to 15 km away from it.

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The budget of Titanic movie is bigger than the actual making cost of Titanic ship, I pay tribute to all those people who died in this accident and I pray to God for never happening incident like this again in future. Thank you very much for reading my article, you can also check my other articles if you like.

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