Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Things I love about India

India is a land of culture and diversity that is exactly why you’ll love it. Especially, if you want to travel in India, then i will recommend you to traveling in different parts of India as much as possible, not only travel in Mumbai, Delhi, agra and Goa. Because there is such a variety in culture, nature, dressing styles, atmosphere, landmarks and things to do.

If you have not been yet curious to know about India, then must read these 5 things which I love about India and why it should be your next destination for wonderful trip.

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1. Indian Food
Indian food is exists almost every part of the world, but you can not get its original taste like in India. if you want to taste real Indian food, then you have to visit this country. There are variety of foods available for everyone compared to the Indian food available in the Western countries. Every Indian dish taste is different from each other, because Indians use various types of spices while making that food  and there are lots of dishes to choose from. While traveling to the different parts of the country the taste of food is changing everytime.

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2. Culture
India is a land of different religion, creed, color and cultures which lives together with a great unity and this type of diversity is only found in India. India is very different from other western countries. The cultural difference in the Indian society are very large, like people celebrate every religion festivals with full of excitement. Here you can see the peoples of every religion in the world living with great unity. Anyone can also see the huge cultural differences while traveling from one state to other in India.

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3. Affordable
Everything is cheap in India, For those travelers who come from richer countries where the value of Indian rupees is lower than their currency. Here you can enjoy very tasty dinner under the price of one dollar and rooms can be rented for as lower as 100 dollars for a month. Shopping and public transport services are very cheap in India where you can travel a long distance journey for just a few dollars. But, at some point if you visit any famous tourist destination then there rates for tourists and locals are different. As a foreigner you have to paid higher amount as compared to local tourist for visiting some places in India. However, it is very important to watch out for tourist prices before visiting such types of places. A few dollar price can quickly becomes the tens to hundreds of dollars here. But as long as you live with locals, you can know how to avoid this dishonest vendors from scamming.

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4. Beautiful Landscape
India is a land of many wonderful and beautiful places in the world. Kerala is one of them which is also known as “God’s Own Country” because of its lush green landscapes and beautiful canals. This Kerala region is located in southern side of India. Here you will also get a chance to see the most beautiful wildlife in India, like tigers, biggest elephants, cobras and lots of other animal species. Kerala is beautiful tourist place in India with amazing wild nature, here you can visit the beautiful rainforest, paradise beaches, canals and rivers. A most interesting thing to do in Kerala is to stay in a houseboat or go on a day trip or exploring Kerala's canals by boat. There are many other beautiful places in India to explore like Goa, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Shimla and Meghalaya.

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5. Wildlife
Bengal tigers, big elephants, different types of monkeys, snakes and lots more to see here. Anyone who likes to explore different types of animal species will surely not be disappointed if you go on a jungle tour with a professional guide and other famous national parks where the animals walk freely everywhere. Here are many protected forest areas where you can see the live animals like, lions, Panthers, crocodiles, tigers and much more.


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