Tuesday, 8 January 2019

These unique and useful devices can fix your biggest issue in less than Rs 1000 (15 $USD)

Nowadays, the use of new gadgets is become a part of our everyday life, because these gadgets helps us to make our life more easier. But, the prices of such gadgets are very high and everyone can not afford it, so today I am going to tell you about some gadget that are very cheap and helpful for us in everyday life. we do not need to spend too much money on these gadget. The price of this gadgets are not more than 1000 rupees (14 $USD).

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Bluetooth Audio Adapter
If you have an old music system that does not support Bluetooth and you want to bring a feature of Bluetooth instead of buying a new music system, then the Bluetooth audio adapter is work for you. By using this gadget, any ordinary audio device is used to connect via Bluetooth. The price of this gadget can be between Rs 200 (3 $) to Rs 800 (12 $). Click here to buy Bluetooth audio adaptor

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WiFi Adapter
Some years ago this gadget was used only in computer to connect with Internet without any wire. But these days WiFi is become a very important technology for everyone and lots of people in the world using this technology on their smartphone. Without having this feature we can't connect to the free WiFi and now this technology is not only related to providing wireless Internet but it can also be used to transfer files from one smartphone to other. But, in case if you don't have this feature on your smartphone then no problem you can get the help of wifi adaptor to connect your device with wifi. Using this wifi adaptor anyone can also connect their old television set with your smartphone, you just need a USB port in your television box for this. If you have an old computer in which this feature is not provided, then you can also enjoy the internet with the help of this adapter. In simple words, if you have any gadget that doesn't support wifi feature, then use this adapter to connect with any of your wifi supported device. The price of this gadget can be between Rs 200 (3 $) to Rs 500 (7 $). Click here to buy WiFi Adaptor

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Nowadays laptops or desktop are comes with very minimum USB ports, due to which we can not add more things to our laptop or computer. Some computers are comes with only two USB port which we used to connect keyboard and mouse, then how can we connect our other devices with computer like, Pendrive and Smartphone. In this matter, the USB Hub is very helpful for you, by using this device you can connect some more devices with your computer or laptop. Attache one end of this device to your computer and at other end you can connect 2 to 4 USB devices simultaneously. Anyone can get this between 200 (3 $) and 800 (12 $) rupees. Click here to buy USB Hub

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Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth speakers are used everywhere and almost everyone know about this gadget these days. This gadget contains Bluetooth inside and you don't need to connect any wires to use this gadget, this is totally wireless. You can connect this Bluetooth Speaker to your smartphone and enjoy the songs everywhere you go, because this is portable too. The price of this gadget starts from Rs 700 (10 $). Click here to buy Bluetooth Speaker

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Power Bank is very useful gadget in today's time, especially when you are traveling. Because the use of smartphones has grown so much today and smartphones have become an important part of our life. So if our smartphone shutdown and their is no any way to charge it, then everyone can face some problems. It's very important to keep fully charged powerbank with you while you are traveling anywhere in the world and it can charge your smartphone battery easily. The price of a best power bank starts from Rs 500 (7 $). Click here to buy Powerbank

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