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You will be surprised after seeing the beauty of Catalonia region in Spain

If you are planning for traveling to a new place, then you are ready to roam in Catalonia. Catalonia is a small town of Spain and this place is very beautiful. Every village here will fill you with excitement. The Catalonia is located in northeastern side of Spain, which mostly known for its stunning beach resorts of Costa Brava and  the Pyrenees Mountains. Barcelona is a regional capital of this town. It has historic Gothic Quarter, La Rambla mall, museums and several white sand beaches. The distinctive modern art of famous artist Antoni Gaudi can be seen at the Sagrada Família Basilica.

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Besalu is a small village in Catalonia region of Spain. If you are planning to go on the Spain Tour, then you must go to this Catalonia's hometown. The most important thing about this place is that the population here is not equal to it. Only 2300 people live in this town. This village was very famous in the tenth century, but your excitement level will be goes high after seeing the beauty of this town. Roaming on the streets of this town will provides you a very amazing and unique experience.

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Catalonia is small, but very beautiful town based on the banks of the river Cadaques. Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful places of Cadaques. Here you can enjoy the water vessels running in the river while walking on the road. The houses built in this town are also very beautiful. The magnificent views here will increase your excitement level to explore this place.

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Olot is also one of the beautiful place in Catalonia region. It is very beautiful village located in the center of the mountains. From this village you can also able to see the magnificent views of the river. If you are going to walk on the road, you will see only greenery besides the long miles road. The beauty of this place makes them very special. Here you will also find lots of adventure water sports activities to play. Here the volcano blow in the mountains, which you can easily see from the town.

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The Wineries
This Catalonia region is also very famous for wine in all over the world. Let me tell you that the wine of Spain is considered to be the best in the world. Here you can get a Wine Testing Zone, where you can get a chance to taste all kinds of wines. Every year millions of tourists come here to taste wine. Sitting in the beautiful and peaceful field which spread along the lush green mountains and enjoying the wine itself is a different experience. If you are fond of drinking wine, then this will be one of the most beloved places for you.

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Girona is also one of beautiful town of Catalonia region. This town is also called as a copy of Barcelona. Girona is a colorful city like Barcelona. Here walking on the streets will give you a lot of things that you will never forget in your lifetime. The town is situated on the bank of Onyar river which also enhances its beauty. The buildings in the Girona town are also very beautifully designed. Watching sunset, between the series of mountains is gives you a amazing experience.

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