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Why lake Como in Italy is favorite place of celebrities, artists and travelers?

Lake Como is beautiful and most popular lake located in Lombardy region of Northern Italy, this is a resort area which known for its amazing sceneries and it based against the foothills of the amazing snow covered mountains. This Y shaped lake has three slender branches which meet to the resort town of Bellagio. The city of Como located at the bottom of the southwest branch, which is a home of Renaissance architecture.

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This amazing lake is based between the shadow of snow-covered Alps and surrounded by steep wooden hills from both sides. Lake Como (also known as Lake Lario) is the most spectacular of three major lakes in the region. The shoreline of the lake is dotted with many ancient villages and villas.

There is hardly a place in Europe that beat the  beauty of this lake. For hundreds of years it is been a popular destination among the rich and famous people, many famous celebrities come here to enjoy and also for wedding ceremony, because this is a best place for destination wedding and parties. But, there are many things you can do at this Lake. The Lake Como is not a largest lake in Italy (most largest lake in Italy is Lake Garda), but, it is most attractive one in Italy.

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The Como lake (Lago di Como in Italian) is lined beautiful green gardens, luxury villas and villages along the shore. The good road network connect towns and villages around Lake Como, but driving can be very difficult task on this roads’, especially during summer season when half of Milan population comes to the lake to enjoy holidays. Many roads in this region are narrow and winding. The Parking space is limited in small villages so, ensure that you will have space somewhere to park your rental car during your stay. If you don’t want to rent a car, then the best way to reach to the Lake Como is by train or using ferries.

Como is biggest town on the lake and one major train station on the Milan to Switzerland line. At the east part of the lake, the Varenna-Esino station is a popular gateway for those peoples who staying in Varenna, Bellagio or surrounding villages.

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Why this place in Italy is famous between celebrities and artists?

The lake Como is like paradise for many popular celebrities and artists. This is a all time favourite vacation spot of many artists, celebrities and rich peoples, because Lake Como is surrounded by stunning landscapes, luxurious villas, and attractive gardens and it located in the center of Lombardy, Italy. This famous lake is previously visited by many famous personalities like Franz Liszt, Nelson Rockefeller, George Cooney and many others.

Lake Como is spread over 56 square miles area and surrounded by over 20 small but very attractive villages, such as Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Cernobbio and Laglio, The Lake has been working as a magnet from many centuries for artists, filmstars and travelers. Many celebrity come here for their wedding ceremony and some Private parties. This is best and most popular destination for wedding among famous personalities and rich peoples.

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