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What is difference between the Hotel, Motel and Resort? Let's know here

When you are traveling anywhere in the world or going to the new places to spend your holidays, that time many kinds of questions coming in your mind, where will you live?, How will you get best facilities?, etc.. This problem is faced by everyone at the time of traveling in unknown destinations for the first time.

Many times we go to some places without any research, but that time we can face some difficulties. There are many things that we need to keep in our mind while traveling to different places and countries. But we don't know about some common things even after spending many years in traveling, we did not know what are the meaning of Hotel, Restaurant, motel and Resorts and what is the purpose of such types of places?

Let us now explain the difference in some of the common terms, which you hear thousands of times in your everyday life, but you may hardly know about them.

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What is Hotel? The hotel is a place where you can live, eat and rest while traveling to the different places, which provides the facilities according to the star of the hotel. First of all the main works of hotel is to provide good service to their guest with a compliment. Apart from staying here, you can get facilities like food, TV, fridge, room service and mini bar.

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Many people confused between the hotels and motels, but there is a very small difference in both of them. The word motel is made up of the motor and the hotel. You will find these motels on the most of the highways. Their job is to provide good rooms to staying overnight for those passengers who have gone on long journeys and do not want to drive in the night.

There is no any facility like hotel, you are only allowed to relax in the room. Here you can get an open parking space along with the room where you can park your car.

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Restaurant is the upgraded version of the Dhaba or small eateries. This is the place where you will get the decorated tasty food in your plate and also with beautiful lighting and location where you can take beautiful photos with your family and friends. A restaurant is a place to have food outside your home.

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Resort is a luxury place, which are mostly used as a Tourist Place. Resorts are made to relax or enjoy your weekends. Here you can feel some relax from all your stress, it is not just in the form of hotels, motels and restaurants. Here you will find everything from fine food to sports, entertainment, adventure and shopping. Whether it is swimming pool or spa, but it is dependent upon your budget. The price of resort is more costlier than the three places mentioned above. Usually resorts are created near natural and scenic surroundings which offer a variety of recreational activities and facilities to their guests like spa, gym, swimming pools, water sports, rain dance, music and tours to the nearest areas.

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