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Top 5 famous locations for skydiving in India

If you are a adventure lover or if you like skydiving, then you must go to those famous Sky Diving Destinations in India, where you can enjoy your journey with full of excitement and adventure. Skydiving is the first choice of energetic people who want to leave their life with exploring new things. If you want to feel the adventure or if you want to fly like a bird in open air of the sky, then there is nothing better option than sky diving.

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There are three types of sky diving

Tandem Skydiving : In this type of skydiving you are attached to your instructor with harness. The instructor guide you to how to handle it and you don't need to do anything just enjoy it. That's why you don't need to take any detailed training to do this.

Static line skydiving : In such type of skydiving, you are attached to a cord of the aircraft and the parachute opens automatically after the free fall of 3 seconds. But, for this kind of diving, you have to jump from 3000 feet of the earth and it requires about 6 hours of training to do this.

Free fall skydiving : This type of diving is not for all especially for those with weak heart. Because, in this type of diving you have to jump without any attachments to enjoy the free fall. This is the most challenging type of skydiving and that's why this diving is called as free fall. This sky-diving is the most risky and it requires both theoretical and practical training.

So let's know about a number of selected locations in India, where you can fulfill your passion for Sky Diving.

"Mysore Palace, Mysore(Karnataka) India" (CC BY 2.0) by ramnath bhat
Mysore, Karnataka
Chamundi hills in Mysore are the most famous location for Sky Diving. Here you need to take some training before doing a jump. For the first solo parachute jump, which is about 4000 feet height from the earth, one day ground training is required for everyone. For booking, you can search Mysore's skydiving websites on the Internet.

Deesa, Gujarat
Deesa is another best places to enjoy skydiving, which located in Gujarat. Here you can enjoy the thrilling rides in the sky to see the amazing views of deesa and its blue lake all around from the open sky. Sky Diving will make your traveling experience even more interesting. You can book your ride at the Indian Parachuting Federation website.

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Puducherry, Tamilnadu
Puducherry in Tamilnadu is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in India and the skydiving experience here makes your journey unforgettable. Here you can enjoy the adventures of sky diving, where you can explore the amazing views of this beautiful city. If you wear comfortable clothing with sports shoes for skydiving, you will feel more comfort at the time of skyding. For doing this you can book your ride at the Waltair Escapade Thrills and Skyriders, Mysore.

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Ambi Valley, Maharashtra
This is a best place to enjoy Sky Diving If you live near Mumbai and Pune or are planning to travel here, then you can definitely go for the Sky driving in Ambi Valley, which is a nearest location of Mumbai and Pune. Ambi Valley is quite popular location for skydiving in Maharashtra state of India. Currently, only Tendum Junps can be available to enjoy here.

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh
Dhana is very famous skydiving location in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from famous tourist place in Madhya Pradesh, many tourists also come in large numbers for ski diving. The free fall from the height of 4000 feet will gives you a very amazing and thrilling experience, which you will not forget throughout the life.

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