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This lake in Ladakh become famous after Bollywood movie 3 Idiots

Pangong lake is situated in the Himalayas at a height of about 4,350 m. This lake is about 134 km long and it extends from India to China. Most of the length of this lake is situated in China. Pangong Tso lake is located in the Changthang region of Ladakh. It is emerged as one of the most attractive places to visit among domestic tourists especially after it was seen in the Bollywood blockbuster movie “3 idiots”. Now, this mesmerising lake is become a very famous location for shooting music videos, movies and advertisements. Lots of tourists visits Pangong lake in the summer season and now it is listed in the top travel destinations to visit in India.

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The water of this lake is salty like ocean and it is about 5 km wide at its broadest point. During winters days the lake is completely freeze, which is become a great sight if you want to witness the blue colors of this pristine lake. The beautiful and picturesque landscape of the lake give an extremely romantic atmosphere as shown in Bollywood songs. However, on the television it looks great but in reality, the place is very difficult to survive mostly in winters.

From Leh town of Ladakh, the Pangong lake is located about 170 KM and you can plan a day or two days trip from Leh to Pangong lake. May to September is the peak season here. In these months lots of tourists comes to the shores of the lake. In summer season you can also see lots of birds relaxing around the lake including the most rare species of birds.

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How to Reach to the Pangong Lake

It is very dangerous, breathtaking and adventurous 5 hour journey from the Leh town of Ladakh. The entire route of Leh to Pangong is surrounded by the breathtaking scenic beauty. The Lake is based on the Sino-Indian Line and you need to get permission from the control officers to enter here. Because the Pangong Lake is situated close to the India and China border, you will be only allowed to visit up to the Spangmik village. The state road transport corporation run buses regularly from Leh. In addition, you can also hire taxis, motorbikes, jeeps and private cars at a reasonable rates. Don't forget to full the fuel tank of your vehicle, because you can not get any petrol pumps in Pangong.

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What to eat in pangong?

There are a few small eateries are available and some local stalls at the lake selling popular local food items, like Maggi and tea. But, I request you to carry your own food with you for the trip to Pangong lake. There are very limited food options are available near lake, here you can get some popular local food dishes such as Thukpa (noodle soup), Tsampa, a roasted barley flourished barley flour and Skyu, heavy pasta dish mixed with some vegetables and the very popular "Momos", steamed dumplings stuffed with some vegetables or meat. Here you can get drinks like tea, coffee, beer and Chang. Chang is a alcoholic beverage which mostly drink during festive season.

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  1. Although 3 idiots is really nice movie and this lake scene was amazing Play It Now

  2. Yes, 3 Idiots is very nice movie and its ending scene filmed at this beautiful Lake in Ladakh is looks awesome.