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Things I hate about India!

India is beautiful and second most populated country in the world after China. Here are many awesome places to see, like world famous symbol of love "Taj Mahal", City Palace of Udaipur, 'Goa' for beautiful beaches, Kerala for canals, Rishikesh for yoga and lots more. The peoples of India are very friendly with tourist and they are always ready to help. India is incredible place, but today I will tell you the things that I hate about India. Everyone who comes from other countries can face these issues while traveling in India. Let's know the things that I hate about India.

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1. Dirty streets

The most common problem facing in India is dirt. If you ask western countries people "What do you know about India?", then their first common answer is dirt and slum. Indian people are very lazy and careless about cleanliness of their country. Here people throw their garbage  on the street, in the drainage line or also in the river, due to which the drainage line overflows in rainy season, rivers getting polluted and dirty smell passes through the air. But, it's not mean whole India is dirty. This happens only in highly populated areas.

2. People splits everywhere

Wherever you go in India, you will see the people splitting on the streets unnecessarily. When vehicles stops at traffic signal people start splitting on the road, they also splits from running train or bus. In Mumbai, when local train stops at station, peoples start splitting unnecessarily. When you see the gap between two train tracks, you think that is painted with red color, but it is because of splitting habits of Indian peoples. I really hate this thing, When people spit from moving buses or cars, they do not even see that people are passing through the road.

3. Tap water

In India, the tap water is not drinkable. If you see the condition of drinking water lines, you can even think about drinking this water. In India, the drink water line passes through very dirty areas and drainage lines and when you see that, you will leave drinking this water and purchase packed mineral water bottle to drink. If any water line breaks down in the drainage line, then the drainage water dissolves in the drinking water, which can cause you in big health trouble. Nowadays peoples in India are using water purifiers for drinking water, so it is important to think before drinking tap water in India.

4. Noise

Most of the developed cities in India like, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, hyderabad are suffering from these issue. The number of smart cities in India are facing the problem of  noise pollution, here people plays their cars and motorbikes horn unnecessarily. Even when the vehicles stuck at traffic signal, some people knowingly keeps pressing horns again and again, I really hate this thing when peoples press horns without any reasons. In India, if you stays at any road touch hotels, then you can face this issue. Even you can't get proper sleep because of this irritating noise also in midnight.

5. Pollution

India is polluted because of there peoples, I hate these people when they throws their house garbage in rivers, canals and sea. In India, Ganga river is the most prestigious and it has a religious importance in hindu religion, people worship this river. But, when you see the condition of this river, you don't believe that it is mother for there peoples. People says the Ganga river is like a their mother, they but do not keep this river like mother and they do not take care about cleanliness of this river. When I saw what's these people throw in this beautiful river, then I feel very bad for this river. They calling it their mother, but they don't keep it like mother, that's why I hate these types people.

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So this was the India's 5 such things which i hate about. But that does not mean all India is a dirty, smelly and all Indians are unhygienic. India has many great places which known for there cleanliness, like Meghalaya, Ladakh, Andaman and nicobar, Goa, Kerala and some other parts in India. Here are many such things, that makes India more beautiful. But, because of some bad habits of Indian people, the image of India is not good in the world. No matter how good you are, but when you do something bad, the world will not think about your goodness. Maybe, some peoples don't like my points, but I only said what I saw. Thanks for reading this articles and keep visiting my blog.

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