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Best places to celebrate Christmas and New year

Christmas festival is celebrated with full of joy everywhere in Europe and Asia. Some people celebrate this day at their own home with all family members. At the same time, many people plan to see the Christmas celebration of other cities on that day. If you want to enjoy the real Christmas celebration, then the glowing cities in Europe are the best option for you. So Let's know, which cities in Europe are best for Christmas Celebration. Almost, all cities in Europe celebrate Christmas with full of excitement, but these are some of the best of it.

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Lapland, Finland
If you are in Finland on Christmas occasion and you didn't see the shine of Lapland city of Finland in Christmas days, then it means you did not see anything. Here in Finland, the Christmas is very important and famous festival, because peoples in Lapland start preparations for the festival a month ago to make their Christmas more special. The large number of tourists come to Lapland from many part of the world to see the Christmas celebrations here.

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Warsaw, Poland
If you want to see the unique Christmas celebration, then you can also visit Warsaw city in Poland. The Capital city of Poland 'Warsaw' is famous for Christmas Celebration as well as some other festivals. Here in Warsaw, the festival of Christmas is celebrated in a traditional way, whose preparations are also start a months ago prior to the day of Christmas.

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Prague is also a very famous destination for celebrating Christmas party in all over the world. After Christmas celebration, you can also enjoy your stay while visiting some of the best places in Prague. Many tourist come here to enjoy the boat trips, which is the most famous attraction here. Prague is capital city of Czech Republic, which surrounded by the beautiful Rivers and mountains and it is also called as “the City of a Hundred Spires,”.

"Christmas tree in Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by arripay
Amsterdam, Netherland
The Amsterdam city in Netherland is also the best option for Christmas Celebration. On this Christmas festival day, not only the houses and the shops but the streets are also decorates beautifully. The Colorful Lightning on the occasion of Christmas makes this city more beautiful. Peoples in Amsterdam city starts celebrating the Christmas festival from november month.

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Copenhagen, Denmark
During Christmas season the Copenhagen city of Denmark is completely covered with snow. If you want to enjoy your Christmas in snow covered mountains, then this is the best option for you. This type of places are rarely find somewhere to enjoy the snow and light covered streets on Christmas. In winter, you can also enjoy the taste of hot chocolate here.

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Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland is most famous tourist destination in the world. Lots of traveler come here to enjoy their holidays. Switzerland attracts lots of visitors with its amazing landscape and snow covered mountains. The Zurich is very beautiful place in Switzerland where you can make your Christmas Celebration memorable. During this festival the Zurich city is look like not less than any paradise.

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