Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The unsolved mystery of floating island in Argentina - The Eye

Today we are going to know about the Floating eye island in Argentina. This mysterious island is self made and it is located near northeastern shore of Argentina, in the Parana Delta. This natural floating island is allegedly rotates on its own axis. Some year ago, this mysterious island was founded by argentine film director Sergio Neuspillerm while scanning that area through the Google Maps for finding a location to shoot a documentary film. After seeing that unique thing everyone's attention was grabbed by this strange formation located in the marshes of Parana Delta in Argentina. Now its become a big question for scientists, the island is surrounded by water from all sides and its strangely circular shape, named as The Eye (“El Ojo” in Spanish).

Image credit - Pixabay
The circle of floating Eye is about 118 meters in diameter, surrounded by a thin water channel. The circles formed by the water and the earth, are very perfect in shape that it is very hard to believe that the island is formed by nature. However, while Sergio Neuspillerm was studying about the island for getting more detail, the Argentinian film maker noticed that the island seemed to be turning on its own axis.

The producer and film maker Sergio Neuspillerm decided to go directly to that spot to observe this strange formation and try to find some explanations about how its made! He went to that location with two specialists along with him Richard Petroni, a civil engineer from New York, and tech expert Pablo Martinez. However, they observed that the area is extremely strange and the water of this floating eye island is incredibly clear and cold. But, still the mystery of how it is floating on water is unsolved.

To understand the logic behind this Floating Eye, he is recently started a campaign that will generate fund for a second examination of The Floating Eye to learn more about it. The campaign raised $9,348 amount which backed by 139 people. Their goal is raise up to $50,000 and if you are donate enough amount, you will get a chance to go with the team on their expedition.

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