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Most famous markets for shopping and nightlife in Goa

If you think that Goa is only famous for beach, parties, casino and nightlife then this is not so at all. This is also a very good shopping destination. Local shopping markets in Goa can be seen filled with lots of foreign tourists than locals. All types of expensive and affordable things you can get in these markets. If you specialize in bargaining, then this shopping markets will be great for you. Let's Know about them ...

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Anjuna Flea Market

This market is very famous for shopping in North Goa, where there is a huge market open on every Wednesday. This is a weekly shopping market, which starting from first Wednesday of October month till the last Wednesday of may. Here you can see around 100 different types of stalls, where you can buy many things from handicraft items like beachwear, bed covers, music instruments, wooden croft, T-shirt, junk jewelery all in your budget.

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Mapusa Market

This market is located around Mapusa municipal market area in North Goa. Although the crowd in the Mapusa market remains the same for most of days, but on Friday morning it seems very different here. There are many different variations of antique earthenware or handicraft items available for you. Dry to fry fish, homemade pickles, fruits, vegetables, clothes, footwear, artificial jewelry and different types of spices. This means that you can buy everything you need from this market. If you know the bargaining tricks, then definitely try it.

Calangute Market Square

Calangute Beach is not only famous for relaxing and enjoyment, it is also a very good destination for shopping. Here you can buy many things like Beverages, Jewelery and decor, Metal products, leather and clay items, accessories, textiles and carpets are normal here. There is also a Tibetan and Kashmiri market which sells different items like silver trinkets, gemstones and wooden products. Here you will also be seen shopping from outbound tourists.

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Panjim Market

If you are looking to buy Goa's famous cashew nuts, port wine, spices and curry items, then plan to visit this market. Well, this market is more famous for eating and drinking things. Where you can taste Goa's local dishes and variety of sweets. It is open daily from 7. 30 am to late evening.

Arpora night market

This is a Saturday night market which also called as Ingo’s Saturday night market. When all shops start to shut down in Goa, this real night market is visible. There is a huge crowd of tourists in every weekend and if you are a shopping addict then you can definitely spend some hours here. Here you can see people across the world including European Traders, Jewelers and cloth traders. This market is starts from November month. At the lower field of this market you can see local Indian merchants selling carpet, clothes and cushions. The central field is for beer, wine, bars and food stalls and the upper field consist of some international designer, few local merchant, live DJ shows and cocktail dance. The clothes, foods, dance and parties lots more to do here to enjoy your night. The best part of this market is, you can buy everything from needle to sword here.

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Mackie’s Night Market

Here you can enjoy shopping only on Saturdays, because this is a Saturday night market. Here are around 400 stalls are available for shopping, where you can get all types of products from designer footwear to wood carved items. Also many food items, art galleries and tattoo artists are available here. This place is surrounded by beautiful nature, the beautiful flowing river and coconut trees, where everyone can forget their stress and enjoy the life. People from all over the world visit this place to see the friendly atmosphere. This market is open from November to April. You can also enjoy live music in this market.

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