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Inside the secret village of richest peoples - Huaxi

People thinks that, in village we can only seen huts and cultivation, but today's the time has changed quite a lot and the villages have also started to look like glowing cities. I understand that, not all the villages have been able to make such progress, but today we are going to tell you about a village where every person is a millionaire. The special thing is that every house of this village looks like a luxurious palace. So let's know about the village of millionaires.

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The name of this village is 'Huaxi', located in the east of Jiangyin, in Jiangsu Province of China. 'Huaxi' is the only village in the whole world which is famous for wealth and luxuries life. Yes, this is the first village in the world that is completely model and socialist.

What s the secret of being this village richest?

Actually, the Huaxi village was founded in 1960 by a renowned leader named Wu Renbao. Wu Renbao planted the fertilizer spray cane factory in the village to give good employment to the people here. After that many of the unemployed villagers here were become capable to running their house well. This work has made a lot of profits for the people. The people had put some amount of their profits in the comfort of the village, due to which the village seemed to be beautiful and well maintained.

Every person in the village has own over 1.5 million rupees (210000 USD$). Yes! There are about 1.5 million rupees in every person's account of this village. Not only this, every house in this village has a helicopter. People in this village are not depend upon public transport, they use helicopters or car to go from one city to another.

Visitors come from far away to see this village. The beauty and luxurious life of this village attracts many tourists from other countries. Everyone here appreciates the beauty of the village. If you also visit this village, you will forget the luxury life in modern cities.

Image credit - Pixabay
Places to visit in the Huaxi village

In the village, you can see the replica of America's Statue of Liberty, Australia's Famous Oprah House, the famous Arc de triomphe in Paris, the replica of US Capitol Hill in Washington DC, the Great Wall of China (this replica is just 2.5 miles long, 1,300 miles shorter than the original one) and the skyscraper taller than the Eiffel Tower, which helps the village in getting more attraction from the tourists. Between the village there is a 72-storey building which is also the center of attraction for the people. Indeed, the people here get all the facilities till they live in this village. If anyone leaves this village and goes to another place, then he has to leave all the property.

Gambling and drugs are strictly forbidden in this village. There are no any bars, nightlife, karaokes or Internet cafes. For social activities there are lots of entertainment facilities provided by the village theatrical troupe. Workers in this village receive half their salary in regular basis and half in bonuses.

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