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How to travel anywhere in the world by spending less amount? | Budget Travel Tips

What is Travel? Travel is the movement of people between one place to another. Travel can be done by many ways such as foot, bicycle, car, train, boat, bus and plane with or without luggage and it can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include short stays between different locations. Wherever you travel, the first thing you need to know is it in your budget or not? In this article, I will tell you how you can travel to the more places by spending less amount and save your money.

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When you are planning to travel in different places, the first thing comes in your mind is money. Budget is very big issue while traveling to different places, but after using these basic tips before or during travel, you can save lots of money and you can also travel in different countries in very less budget.

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Book Flight and train tickets in advance
Due to the rising craze of tourism, many travel companies continuously offer some discount on flight and train tickets. So don't feel hesitate to take advantage of these offers and book tickets with less amount. This will definitely helps you to save your money.

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Use of Local Transport
If you want to explore the city by spending less amount, then use local transport as much as possible. The bus, train and metro facilities are now available in lots of cities. The ticket of public transport is very low and you can roam comfortably anywhere in the city. This is the best way to save the money anywhere in the world.

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Mostly avoid Shopping
Shopping is the most common thing when you travel in different places. Every time you go to a new place try to do less shopping as much as possible. If you are really thinking of making a budget trip then mostly try to avoid shopping, because the price of anything on the tourist places is generally much higher. Even if you are thinking to get a gift to any particular person, then buy those gift items which suit your budget and save money.

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Don't use hotel, try to stay in homestay or hostel
Getting a good hotel in cheap price is very rare, but it is not always necessary that you have a good fortune. Along with the traveling, some smartness is also important to save money, instead of spending lots of money on expensive hotels, search Homestay or hostels nearby and if you are solo traveler, then you can definitely use these types of places to stay while traveling to the different places. This are very cheapest option to stay as compared to hotels.

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Light packing
If you want to save money during travel, definitely follow this tip. Rather than taking matching dresses, jewelry and footwear keep things that you can use in multiple ways. A pair of flip-flops is quite good in places like beach and desert . If you bring more luggage with you, then you may have to pay some extra money for it in the flight. It's better to carry the least and only most important things.

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