Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Everyone need to know these important things before visiting China

China is most populated nation in the world and most of people in China can't speak english language. So, I request you to learn some Chinese language words while you are going to China. Chinese peoples love their culture, so don’t try to disrespect any home or temple there. It is very important to remove your shoes before entering in any house or temple in China. There are many amazing and beautiful places to visit, the Great Wall of China is one of the most famous structures in the world.

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Some people are more exited to travel in abroad countries. But traveling in Europe and America does not fits in everyone's budget. Then, you can fulfill your hobby of exploring new places by going to neighboring countries or going to those countries which value of currency is lower than your own country. China is also a best for this, despite being a neighboring country "India", the Chinese people are very curious about foreigners. If you going on the tour of China, then it is very important to be aware of certain things. That will make your journey more memorable, easier and safer.

Google is banned in China
It is not possible if you are searching information about any places on Google map in China. If you want to find information about any thing after reaching in China, that time Google Map can not help you there because Google is banned in this country. Not only Google, some other popular websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube also banned in China. If you want to find some information using Internet in China, then you have to download VPN. This is China's own browser.

Most of ATMs not accept foreign cards
The ATM machines in China can also increase your problem. Because most of the ATMs in China do not accept foreign cards. For this you have to use Wechat Wallet or Apple Pay. If you need more money, then you can get a business card before you go. It can be very useful for you, besides keeping cash.

Do not give tips to anyone in China
There is not a culture of giving tip to any staff member after eating food in a restaurant or hotel. It is not considered good in China, because it implies that the worker is not valued by their employer. There is no need to pay any extra money to the waiter for their service.

Drinking Tap water is harmful
It is not easy to quench thirst in China, because tap water is not good to drink for your health. China is suffering from the widespread pollution of water after years of economic growth. For this you will need to take a mineral water with you, there is no any other best option than this.

Sure to take a passport with you
When you are travel somewhere in China, then you have to get your passport and visa papers with you. At any place, the police can ask you to show the passport.

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