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Top things to do in Rishikesh, India | Yoga capital of the world

Rishikesh is a religious city of India, based in northern state of Uttarakhand, at the bottom of  Himalayan mountains near the Ganges River. The Ganga river is considered as a holy river of India and this rishikesh city is the most popular center for practicing yoga and meditation. Here you can see many Temples and ashrams for spiritual studies. Rishikesh is a city of beautiful mountainous which also used as a Gateway to the Garhwal mountains, the city has a rich cultural past with the modernity. There are lots of things that tourist can do in Rishikesh from camping to eating at some amazing cafes. Here are some top things which you can do in Rishikesh.

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Go River Rafting
Rishikesh is located in the Himalayan range with Ganga river which flowing through it and makes the city an most ideal destination for river rafting. The river rafting is one of the most popular water sport activities to do in Rishikesh. The activity attract every adventure lover who want to feel the adrenaline rush. The speedy flowing water of Ganga river add a more excitement in the entire activity.

Bungee Jumping
In Bungee Jumping activity you need to jump off from the edge of a railing with a suspended harness. The harness initiates a recoil until it fully stretched out. Rishikesh has highest bungee jump points in India, measuring about 84 meters. The bungee jump requires a basic fitness and pregnant women or people with blood pressure problems are mostly advised to avoid the jump.

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Try the Flying Fox
The Flying Fox is a sport activity very similar to the zip lining. In this activity you have to sliding from two attached points along a horizontal drop. In Rishikesh, the activity is held over the Ganges by the different tour operators or companies, like Zipline Tour Adventures.

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Go For Camping on the banks of the Ganga
Rishikesh has its rich cultural history with amazing Himalayan mountain range and the beautiful and holy river Ganga which flows from it. This city is perfect place to see modern and traditional era of India into one place. There are a lot of things that you can do in this city and camping near Ganga river is one of them. The Aspen Adventure Camp and Outbound Adventure Camp are two most trusted and well known operators in that area.

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Go For Hiking
Rishikesh is also a land of picturesque valleys which filled with beautiful flora and fauna. This  thing makes Rishikesh the perfect and most suitable destination for trekking or hiking. You can join trek to the base of Himalayas or to the some other places near rishikesh like Gangotri, badrinath and kedarnath. The Summer time is the best time to enjoy trekking here because winters can be really cool here.

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Cliff Jumping
Cliff jumping is the activity which involves jumping from a cliff which located at an altitude about 20 to 50 feet into the waters of the Ganga river. This is very adventurous activity which definitely not for the weak hearted. You can do this sport activity to get out the fear inside you or to show the fearless man inside you to your friends. This activity is doing under strict supervision. So if you anytime plan to visit Ganga river don't forget to do this activity.

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Witness Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat
The Ganga river is considered as the holiest river in India and aarti performed at the Triveni Ghat is a devotion of the people of Rishikesh towards the Ganga river. Everyday in the evening that area lights up with the aarti. After sun goes down, here you can witness many divas (lamps) are floating over the leaf boats in the Holy water of Ganga river. It is very amazing experience to seeing the Ganga Aarti at Rishikesh.

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Get an Ayurvedic Massage
Rishikesh is the best place to travel or explore religious India, where you can also get ayurvedic massage that will release your all stress and will make you feel better. There are some well-known massage centers that will leave you feeling peaceful. In ayurvedic massage uses herbal and scented oils that will fills you relax from all the tension and stress out of your mind and body.

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Try Yoga
From many centuries Yoga has been a cultural part of Rishikesh. There are many yoga experts who will teach you some best yoga exercise in Rishikesh. Yoga is best for your health, it is not only provides a good physical fitness but also helps you to relax the mind and increase concentration power. Rishikesh is also known as the yoga capital of the world and lots of tourists from all over around the world come here to learn yoga. The Rishikesh Yogpeeth is one of the famous yoga centers in Rishikesh to practice yoga exercise.

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Visit Lakshman Jhula
According to historical past of India, it is said that the Laxman of the epic Ramayana made this bridge out of rope for crossing the Ganga river, with Lord Ram. It is a suspension bridge built across the Ganga river, located 5 kilometres from the Rishikesh city in the Uttarakhand state of India. The bridge connects two important villages, on the west bank is Tapovan and on the east bank is Jonk. You can go for a walk on the bridge in the evenings time and feel the fresh cold air coming from Himalayan mountains.

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