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Mind blowing facts about Bhutan that will force you to visit this country

Bhutan is a small country located on eastern edge of Himalayas in South Asia, it is well known for its majestic views of monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes which ranging from tropical plains to steep valleys. The Highest peaks of Himalayas such as Jomolhari 7,326m are famous destinations for trekking. Here you can see the stunning Paro Taktsang monastery (Tiger’s Nest) situated on the cliffs above forested Paro Valley. Below are some amazing facts about Bhutan that will definitely inspire you to visit this beautiful country.

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GNH Instead Of GDP
In Bhutan, they use GNH Instead of GDP as their key economic indicator, the former king of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, has been espousing the Gross National Happiness (GNP) concept since 1972 and in 2008 the country adopted it as their economic indicator. They measure overall ‘health’ of the country on the basis of four parameters development, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and governance.

Carbon Sink Country In The World
Bhutan is one and only a carbon sink country in the world, it means this country absorbs more than 6 million tons of carbon every year and produce only 1.5 million tons. Where other  countries are fighting against climate change but Bhutan is only country that is officially know as a carbon negative country.

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Colorful Flags
The colorful flags are most important part of Bhutani culture. In Bhutan that flags are originated from Buddhism and local people mostly use them as a sign of good-will and for prayer. This types of flags are also used in several countries as a part of decoration.

Free Education & Healthcare
Bhutan is one of the countries in the world that provides free education and healthcare facilities to its citizen. Even visitors and tourists are also provided free health care within the country. Some Part of the price that we pay for the royalty goes to free education and free medical care.

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Nestled Temples
Nestled Temples are the most beautiful thing in Bhutan that increase the beauty of this country. All those amazing temples attracts lots of tourists to visit the country.

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Thimphu - Traffic Signal Free Capital Of Bhutan
Thimphu is the national capital of a country, which have the heaviest traffic but the most amazing thing about this city is here you will not find any traffic signal. In 1995, the traffic signals was installed as a pilot project, but most of them failed to follow. So today, the Bhutan is one of the National capitals in the world where there is no any traffic signal.

"Peak - Gangkhar Puensum!" (CC BY 2.0) by 1.5+ mil views. Humbled and thanks to all!
Gangkhar Puensum: A Virgin Peak
The Gangkhar Puensum is one mountain in Bhutan which is claimed as the most highest unclimbed mountains in the world. This is the most highest mountain in Bhutan, which is 40th highest in the world. If you love mountain trekking then the Gangkhar Puensum will be the greatest option for you to visit this country.

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