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List of Best foods to try in Goa | Goan Food

Goa is a smallest state in western India with beautiful coastlines along the Arabian Sea. It is most famous tourist place in India, which known for its amazing white sand beaches. Lots of tourist from all around the world come here to enjoy their vacation. Many people also come here to taste goan food, Goan fish curry, fried fish and kokum juice are some famous foods to taste in Goa. Here I will give you the information about best and delicious regional food and drinks to try in Goa, during your stay.

"Vindaloo" (CC BY 2.0) by johl
1. Vindaloo
This dish was derived from the Portuguese words garlic (alho) and wine (vinho), this is a spicy Goan curry which made with the mixture of pork, garlic and wine. In Goa, most of local dishes are made with grated coconut.

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2. Crab curry
This roasted curry is made with grated coconut and some strong spices like cloves and tamarind. It is the ultimate dish for sea food lovers which served with rice or bread.

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3. Prawn balchao
Prawn balchao is a goan spicy dish which made with sea food or meat and mostly served with rice or spread on toast. This dish is look like a spicy prawn pickle with a mixture of a fiery tomato, chilli sauce, caramelised onions and coconut toddy vinegar.

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4. Sanna
Sanna is also known as idli in India, it is a spongy steamed small rice cake. The plain version of sanna is mostly eaten with Goan pork sorpotel curry and a sweet version which called godachi sanna is made using unrefined sugar which made from cane or palm.

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5. Goan red rice
Goan red rice is also called as a ukda rice, this dish is most popular in gourmet circles in India. This dish is made with unpolished reddish brown colored thick grained rice and nutty flavour, its unique firm texture makes it excellent dish to taste with coconut milk based curries.

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6. Chouris pao
The goan Chouris pao is normally a street food in Goa. But, this tasty goan sausage bread is also served in many small eateries and restaurants in Goa. The Chouris pao are made with a spiced pork sausage and it is most famous breakfast dish in Goa.

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7. Poee
Poee is the Portuguese inspired breads which prepared from wheat flour and bran in Goa. Poee or poi is probably the most famous type of healthy bread in Goa. The demand for poee is very high, because it is very helpful for those who suffering from diabetes and they consume poee on a daily basis. This is perfect bread to taste with different types of curries.

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8. Kingfish
Kingfish is one of the best seafood dish which also known as vison or visvan in Goa. There are various types of dishes made out from the Kingfish. The two main dishes are Surmai Fry and the Goan Fish Curry. The Fish curry is one of the most cheapest dishes in any restaurants of Goa. It is very easy to make and mostly served with rice. Whereas, the fried surmai fish is fry with rawa, it is very crispy and delicious to taste.

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9. Feni
Feni is a famous drink in Goa, there are two most popular types of feni are made, one is cashew feni and other is toddy palm feni. The Cashew feni is made from the cashew fruits and Coconut feni or toddy palm feni is distilled from the coconut palm, which is also most popular in Goa.

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10. Bebinca
Bebinca is a type of pudding, it is a traditional Indo-Portuguese dessert which has seven layers. This traditional sweet dish in Goa is made with plain flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolk and coconut milk. It is mostly made in Christmas season.

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11. Kokum juice
Kokum juice is red colored amazing and refreshing drink in Goa to beat the heat. If you visit any time to Goa don't forget to taste this drink. The Kokum solkadhi, which also known as kokum kadhi, is another one spicy tangy sweet drink made from coconut milk, spices and liquid extracted from kokum fruit. it is served at the end of meals, to digest it.

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