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China also has Venice like Italy - Zhenyuan Ancient Town, China

Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a historic town located in Zhenyuan County of Guizhou Province in China, it's looks something like a Venice in Italy. This ancient and unique town in China is surrounded by the Wuyang River and stunning mountains. The Wuyang River goes through the Town in a "S"-shaped route and dividing it in two parts. The old prefectural city of China which called as Fucheng in Chinese based on the north bank, and the old defense city which called as Weicheng in Chinese based on the south bank of the river. Both cities was built in 1368 to 1683 where you can still able to see the remaining ancient parts of the walls and gates survived with history and development of society. Zhenyuan town was initially designated by King Zhaoxiang of Qin or King Zhao of Qin as a County in 277 BC.

Must see Attractions in Zhenyuan ancient town

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Heping Village Site
Heping village site is located at Heping Street of Weicheng in Zhenyuan Ancient Town, it is well known old site which used as a base camp for Japanese army during the period (1937-1945) of War against Japan. In May 2006, the complex of building was enclosed by the high stone walls and titled as a National Historical and Cultural Site by the State Council.

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Temples of Taoism
The Taoist temple is a holy place of worship in Taoism where confucianism and buddhism represents a example for the harmonious progress of different religions in China.

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Ancient Alleys
The ancient alleys in Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a complex structure, among which Sifang and Fuxing Alley are the most famous one. These alleys are long and narrow with a complex structure. Walking in this alleys, is like heading away from the river and beautiful scenery appears gives you return back to the old days. The wells are in different shapes, some are round, others square and the natural shallow wells or hanging shaft wells sometimes deeper than 3 meters. But the interesting thing about this alleys is, they never drying in any seasons.

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Zhusheng Bridge
Zhusheng Bridge is a blue stone and seven holes arch bridge. At the center point of these bridge is a triple storey building with a octagon shaped pavilion roof, which known as the "Zhuangyuan Tower". By standing on both sides of the bridge, you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the amazing scenery which formed by red colored wooden buildings, Wupeng boats and green mountains reflected in the water of Wuyang River provide great picturesque views.

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Qinglong Cave
Qinglong Cave is the most famous sigtseeing to see near Zhenyuan. It's stands opposite side of the Zhonghe Mountain, east of Zhenyuan Ancient Town. The Qinglong Cave is a group of construction covering 20,000 square meters of area. It is a wonderful masterpiece made by humans, with the combination of nature items and temples. There are more than 100 pavilions, terraces and towers with different sizes.

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Wuyang River
The Zhenyuan Ancient Town is divided into two parts by this river in south city and north city, which forms a amazing water town like Venice in Italy. This river is flowing through the Miaoling mountain and runs 95 kilometers from Huangping to Zhenyuan, and meet Yuanjiang River in Hunan Province. It's gives you a amazing experience if you take a cruise on the Wuyang River. The Grotesque gorges, perilous peaks and crystal clear waters present a wonderful picture in front of you. Here you can also see the Secluded caves, gurgling springs, rugged rocks, dangerous passes and spectacular waterfalls flowing from the mountain. Every scenic spot here has been given a name according to their legends.

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