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Best island to visit in Philippines - Palawan island | Things to do in Palawan island

Palawan is the largest and beautiful island in the western Philippines. The Puerto Princesa, is the capital of Palawan Province which known for the Puerto Princesa River National Park, where you can experience boats run along an underground river through the caves. The Honda Bay’s islands at the east coast are dotted with many resorts, where you can enjoy fresh and tasty food.

If you are looking for an exotic destination for your next trip, then Palawan Islands is a best option for you. Palawan Island is a UNESCO certified World Heritage site, is truly a best destination for enjoying your vacation with beautiful beaches, fishing villages and exotic wildlife. Palawan islands has over 1200 miles of beautiful coastline, over 1,750 islands and many great things to do on your Palawan vacation. The island offers fabulous vacation spots and great surroundings to make your vacation best. It doesn't matter which part of the world you are coming from, this islands are open for all.

"Barlas Island, Honda Bay, Palawan, Phili" (CC BY 2.0) by Ray in Manila
I recommend you to check the weather of Palawan Island before you book your tickets to this island. Travelers must know that there is a long rainy season, that is best to be avoided. The best time to plan your vacation to Palawan Island is Early in March, because that time the weather is not very hot and the rains would have tapered off.

Top Things To Do In Palawan Island

There is lots to do in Palawan Island, here tourists can enjoy the Palawan island nightlife which is best to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. Here are many thrilling activities you can do on your Palawan island holidays. Let's know about them.

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1. Diving The Reefs
The Tubbataha Reef national park is the most exotic and beautiful place to enjoy diving in the coral reef. This reefs rising from the volcanic depths of the sea, these magnificent underwater scenery is encompass a bewildering diversity of marine life. This underwater sanctuary is the first national marine park in Philippines, which has also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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2. Explore The Caves
Tabon caves is the perfect place to explore the caves in Palawan islands for an amazing path adventure. The caves are situated in Quezon town in Southern Palawan. It is most important archaeological site on the island. History lovers are also comes here to exploring the cave formations and learning about the archaeology of the Cave Complex.

"San Vicente, Northern Samar Philippines" (CC BY 2.0) by Telanhon1516:)
3. Sunbathe On San Vicente Beach
San Vicente is another best place to enjoy your vacation at this islands, it is situated between El Nido and Puerto Princesa. This amazing town is home of most Long Beach "San Vicente". This beach of Palawan island is the most longest and uninterrupted stunning white sand beach. This is one of the some beaches in Philippines that where you can enjoy peace and soak up some sun in solitude.

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4. Eat Local foods
The restaurants in Palawan are considered as the best in Philippines as they serve to international food choices and tastes. Here you can taste both local as well as foreign cuisines in a simple ambience. These restaurants add some good times in your vacation and definitely gives a very unique Palawan experience. Reef cafĂ© and Tambok’s El Nido are a famous restaurants in Palawan islands where you can experience from spicy street food to delicious Filipino delicacies.

How To Get To Palawan Island?

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Its very easy to reach Palawan Island from Manila and other parts of the Philippines.

By Air:
Travelers can book their flight to one of the four airports – Puerto Princesa Airport, El Nido Airport, Francisco Reyes Airport, and Cesar Lim Rodriguez Airport.

By Ship:
Travelers may also reach to the Palawan island by using ships from Manila that anchor in Peurto.

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