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5 Strange and Beautiful Islands In The World Which Are Ruled By Animals!

Hello visitors, today's article is about a few such strange islands in the world which are dominated by lots of animals. This islands prove that the world is ruled by humans, but there are still some parts of the world that are beyond humans. Below is 5 strange islands from all around the world which are ruled by adorable animals.

Image credit - Pxhere
1. Big Cay or Pig Island, Bahamas
Pig Island is one of those 360 islands in the Exuma district of Bahamas and it is inhabited by a group of 20 pigs. There are different stories about pigs how came to this island. One most famous story is that a some sailors had dropped them on this island so that they could cook them when they return back to this island. But the sailors never returned and from that time the pigs are staying here. Another famous story about this island is that the pigs were actually survivors of a ship accident. There are others believes that it was planted by the Bahamas government to increase the tourism. Today, the island is become a most popular tourist destination in Bahamas.

"Miyajima Island Deer" (CC BY 2.0) by Andrew-Hyde
2. Miyajima or Deer Island, Japan
Deer are shy animals and they don't like humans contact, but on this tiny island of Miyajima, Japan, the situation is different and they are enjoying with humans. In Japanese cultures, deer are considered as the messengers of God and there is punishable offense for killing deer. Deer is still a very important animal for Japanese. This is the main reason there are more than 1000 deer live on Miyajima island peacefully with humans. Now the island has become a popular tourist attraction for both the deer as well as the cultural influence.

Image credit - Wikimedia
3. Aoshima or Cat Island, Japan
Aoshima is another one most popular island in Japan, that are ruled by many cats. There are about 10 cats for every human on the 1.6 km long island. The cats was first introduced by the fisherman on the ships and boats to control on rats, but in some year, their population has been increased and human population decreased from about 900 residents to 13 in 2018. The dogs are not allowed on this island. Tashirojima is other most popular cat island in Japan where 100 people's and 600 cats are live in that 3.14 sq km area.

Image credit - Pixabay
4. Assateague or Horse Island, USA
Assateague Island is a 60-km long island located at the east coast of the Delmarva in Peninsula, it is a home of about 300 horses and most popular tourist destination. It is believed that the horses was once domesticated by the inhabitants. This is not the only story of this island. There is another theory which also says that these horses were survivors of a spanish warship. Over the many years, when their growing population had become a problem. Therefore, to control the problem of over population, some of the horses are shifted to the other places from the island under human occupation to control their numbers.

Image credit - Wikimedia
5. Okunoshima or Rabbit Island, Japan
Okunoshima is another most popular island in Japan which ruled by rabbits, it is well known as a ‘Rabbit Island’ and a home of around 1000 rabbits. They are the descendants of eight rabbits which was released by a group of school kids in the year 1971. Now due to the ban on hunting of cats and dogs on this island, anyone can't stop their population. These rabbits was not the first ones that inhabited on the island. During WWII, the Japanese army had released a group of rabbits on the island to test the effects of a poisonous gas that was manufacturing on the island. To keep the operation was secret the location of this island was also removed from the all Japanese maps. All those rabbits was killed when the factory was destroyed and the island was captured by the US in that time.

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