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What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

Now, the two difference version of whatsapp are available to download, but what is the difference between normal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?. Some users are confused between that two versions of WhatsApp, they don't know which version is better to use. In this article, I will tells you about the features you get in whatsapp plus, which also called as whatsapp blue. I will also tell you the procedure to install new WhatsApp Plus on your phone.

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If we talk about normal WhatsApp, then it has become the most popular messaging app among Android smartphone users. It was developed and created in 2012, by a Spanish developer Rafalete. Most of people use this version of WhatsApp every day, but did you know that the modified version of WhatsApp has more features than original one. Yes, this modified version of WhatsApp which known as WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Blue is comes with some extra added features.

It is not known that, this new version of WhatsApp is official or not, but these days, there is a lot of users talking about it. This new version is absolutely free for everyone and the user license is the same as original WhatsApp. The installing process of WhatsApp Plus is easy, but it can only install after removing the original green WhatsApp application. So, now I will tell you about how the new WhatsApp Plus version is differs from its original version. This should help you decide which version is better for you.
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Normally, the Plus version is a modified version of original WhatsApp. The app is available for a free of cost, the user license of this new WhatsApp is the same as Green WhatsApp. It’s also known as WhatsApp Plus Holo, and Blue WhatsApp because of its blue icon. But, the big question comes in everyone's mind is, is it really worth to deleting the original WhatsApp with this new one? So, to explain you first, we know about what functions WhatsApp Plus has added in it, which makes it special from original WhatsApp.

New Visual themes added
Basically, the WhatsApp Plus is created to change the look of WhatsApp which you can't do in original WhatsApp. So, if you get bored with the theme you get by default in the original WhatsApp, then you can change your WhatsApp look by downloading different types of visual themes in WhatsApp Plus from the built-in theme viewer & downloader for free. There you can get over 700 different types of themes and you can also sort them by name, dates and version. This is the most notable feature of WhatsApp Plus, which has ability to completely change the look of your WhatsApp, which you can done by selecting new visual themes.

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New emojis added
The another best feature of WhatsApp Plus is its additional new emoticons, in this new Blue version of WhatsApp also included the smileys from Google Hangouts. But, here is the one twist these emoticons can only be seen by WhatsApp Plus users, others can't be able to see this emojis. If you send emoticon from WhatsApp Plus to someone who uses the classic version of WhatsApp, then they will only see the question mark.

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Hide your status /last seen
This is the best option you only get in WhatsApp Plus, this new app also comes with an option to hide your status. Yes, here you can able to hide your online status easily and chat with friends in offline mode. Here you can also hide the last seen timing of your access but for this feature, you have to pay some monthly fees.

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Customize file sharing options
In original WhatsApp, higher quality images are automatically reduced in lower quality and size, but, in this modified version, you can be able to change the size of files you sent from minimum 2 to maximum 50 MB. In the original version of WhatsApp, you only get 16 MB media sharing limit by default and you can't change it.

WhatsApp Plus has some options that allow you to customize the size and quality of images & videos at the time of sharing. With this modified version, you can also increase the limit of upload media to send high quality music files or videos without losing its clarity. This is very useful addition feature of WhatsApp Plus which you can't get in the classic WhatsApp version.

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Send multiple messages
Using this new version of WhatsApp you can able to send multiple messages at once. Here you can also attach your location details and send voice messages. Now you can easily share large media files or text messages in a large group, at once.

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Customize appearance and settings
In WhatsApp Plus addition, you get six different menus for editing your appearance and settings. It allows you to edit the user interface with different range of colors & widgets of your choice. You can also choose the transparent interface which also looks stylish. Here you can also hide contact to chats. This all you can't do with original WhatsApp version!. The Customization options are allows you to change the following:

Here you can change the Header, colors & size of chat images

Header & size of contacts' images

WhatsApp Appearance & size of pop-up notifications

You can also able to Disabling of functions such as voice notes & animations

Change Size & colors of widgets

Change Color of the launcher icon

The original WhatsApp has its fixed green color for its launcher icon which you can't change it. But, WhatsApp Plus allows you to change it to 11 different types of colors, like pink, red, green, cyan, orange, purple, yellow, black, white, gray and blue.

Should you switch to the modified version! 

WhatsApp Plus is offers great features which you can't get in original WhatsApp and if you want to customize the look of your WhatsApp then this new version is best for you. If you want more control on your notifications and sending items, it is a perfect choice for you.

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How to switch original WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

If you want to switch to the advanced WhatsApp Plus, then you can download it from the official website for free. However, the installation step of this app is some tricky which I explain you here.

The first step of installation, make a back up data of your chats on the original WhatsApp. You can get a backup by the steps shown below.
Click Menu ->Go to Settings ->Go to Chat Settings -> click on Backup Conversions

Now, you have to verify your contact number before Uninstalling the original version. It will asks you a contact number to restore your chat backup data. Enter your contact number & restore it.

Now you have to Uninstall your WhatsApp. You need to uninstall your original app of WhatsApp to install the new one. If you skip this step, then you will get the "Not installed" error at the end.

Now Download & install the new WhatsApp Plus app from its official website ( If you are using Clean Master android app, please uninstall it before installing this new messaging app.

Now, you can use the advanced WhatsApp Plus app with some extra features without any problems.

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