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Top 5 most cleanest countries in the world

Hello everyone and welcome again in our world of destinations, In today's article i will tell you about the 5 most cleanest countries in the world. Keeping the country clean is not only responsibility of government but also of the peoples of every country. Cleanness is important factor for every nation, some countries make strict restrictions on their residents to keep the country clean, which makes the country more beautiful and inspire others to keep their country clean. Here are the list of some beautiful countries in the world, which known for their cleanness. Let's know about them!

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Switzerland is the number one country in the world in terms of cleanliness and if you are finding a great places to travel in the world with beautiful nature, you will have to go to Switzerland once in your life, after which, you will not feel like coming back because Switzerland is one of the most attractive and beautiful places to visit in the world.

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This is a very glorious country where cleanliness is very important for their people and lifestyle of the people's in this country are also high level. Ireland is known for the cleanliness in the whole world. Lots of people come here from parts of the world to see its beauty. This country is separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea, and St George's Channel. Ireland is the third largest country in Europe and 20th largest on the Earth.

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Finland is a best country to live in the world, which also known for quality International Publication, Export and cleanliness. The people's standard of living  in Finland is quite high and peaceful. This North European nation is bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Helsinki, capital of Finland occupies surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. This capital of Finland is also a home of 18th century Suomenlinna sea fortress. The most beautiful and famous natural attraction Northern Lights can be seen from the Arctic Lapland province of the country.

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New zealand
New Zealand is a vast island that surrounded by a sea from all sides, if you talk about cleanliness, New Zealand comes at number fourth and you should visit this beautiful nation to enjoy your holiday in peaceful natural surroundings. The Capital of New Zealand is Wellington, which located on the North Island is a home of the expansive national museum Te Papa Tongarewa. Here you can also see the most dramatic Victoria mountain.

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Norway is a very beautiful country, which situated at number 5 position for their cleanness. If you want to explore amazing natural beauty then you should definitely visit Norway once in your life, after one visit you will know why this country is situated at number five for cleanness. The Capital of Norway "Oslo", is a city of beautiful green landscapes and museums. The 9th century preserved Viking ships are displayed at Oslo’s Ship Museum. In Norway, the Lillehammer’s Olympic resort is famous place where you can enjoy fishing, hiking and skiing. Let's check Towns & Cities in Norway to Visit in Winter

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