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Top 10 tourist attractions in Finland | Things to do in Finland

Finland is a North European country bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Helsinki is a capital of Finland which occupies a peninsula and its surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. Helsinki is a home of the 18th-century Suomenlinna sea fortress, this fashionable district of Finland also has diverse museums. Here you can see amazing Northern Lights from the Arctic Lapland province of country.

Finland is a very beautiful country. Now, it has been included in the list of the world's happiest countries. In earlier times, Finland was called "Land of Sorrow", but in the past 7 years Finland made a lot of progress and surprised the whole world by changing its image. If you want to go somewhere, Finland can be a perfect place for you.

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1. Helsinki
Helsinki is the capital of Finland and one of the most popular place to visit in Finland. Helsinki is looks like St. Petersburg, because it was built in the style of Russian city’s in 1812. These days the main attractions in Helsinki is the three most important churches such as Lutheran Cathedral, the Church in the Rock and Uspenski Cathedral. The stadium is also worth to visit which used as the site for 1952 Olympics, there are lots of amazing museums and galleries in Helsinki to visit, the National Museum of Finland is best to visit.

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2. Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland which was completely destroyed during the Second World War. As a result, lots of architecture in this region is designed in mid-century. Rovaniemi is a home of wonderful attractions, which serves as the official Finnish home of Santa Claus. Visitors can go to the Santa Claus Village, where you can get stamps from the Santa Claus Post Office and also don't forget to visit the Santa themed underground park. Some other attractions in Rovaniemi include the Korundi House of Culture, Pilke Science Center and the Jatkankynttila Bridge.

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3. Savonlinna
Savonlinna is a small city in the Finnish Lakeland, it is a charming historic destination worth to visit on your trip to Finland. Located in the center of Lake Saimma, the biggest attraction of that area is 15th century St. Olaf’s Castle. These are some other attractions which also worth to visit such as the Orthodox Museum, the Savonlinna Provincial Museum and Kerimaki, where you can see the world’s biggest wooden church.

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4. Porvoo
Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland, which known for its unique and picturesque wooden homes. The beautifully made cobblestone streets of Old Porvoo, locally known as Vanha Porvoo, here you can also see landmarks of the 13th century and the wooden architecture of 19th century. Other great places to spend the time in Porvoo are the 11th century Porvoo Cathedral, the Porvoo Museum and to test delicious local pastries and candies, the Brunberg shop.

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5. Turku
Turku is based along the coast of Southern Finland, this city was served as the capital of Finland for the 19th century and is also known for the oldest city in nation. Turku is a major destination in Finland, and home of many historical and cultural attractions. Some other top things to see in Turku are the 13th century Turku Castle, the twin museums "Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova" and Luostarinmäki, one of the few areas with architecture that survived fire in the 19th century.

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6. Finnish Lakeland
Finnish Lakeland is as area of Finland where you can see lots of lakes. There are over 55,000 lakes here which are at least 200 meters wide. The region is surrounded by the stunning Salpausselka Ridges and the Russian border. The largest lake in this Lakeland is Lake Saimaa, where you can enjoy swimming, boating or hiking. Here you can also explore Jyvaskyla, the University town or the St. Olaf’s Castle.

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7. Kemi
Kemi is a city located in Finnish Lapland which is mostly known for its pulp mills. Kemi is a best location of the stunning three stories tall snow castle, which also serve as the venue for weddings and live concerts. The Guests can also stay overnight in this snow hotel! Kemi also a famous place for nightlife scene and the beautiful destination where you can enjoy breathtaking icebergs and stunning views.

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8. Aland Archipelago
Aland Archipelago based in Baltic Sea is a group of islands, which belongs to Finland. This is one part of Finland where you can hear the Swedish language than Finnish! The Aland Islands, offers you some beautiful attractions like the ship turned museum "Pommern", the Aland Maritime Museum, the 14th century Kastelholm castle and the stunning hiking trails.

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9. Tampere
Tampere, the third-largest city located in southern Finland, It based between Nasijarvi Lake and Pyhajarvi Lake. To understanding the history of Tampere, visit the Vapriikki, the Natural History Museum and the Hockey Hall of Fame. The famous Sarkanniemi Adventure Park features an aquarium, a planetarium, a zoo for children's.

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10. Levi
Finland is a dream destination for nature lover’s and Levi is the best place for outdoor enthusiasts, the winter resort of Levi is a best place for fun located in Finnish Lapland, Levi boasts longest trails for skiing and snowboarding. Levi also offers you some other activities such as reindeer safaris, ice fishing and relaxing in beautiful nature. The nightlife in Levi is a major attraction for the residents, so don’t miss to explore the bars and clubs in Central Levi.


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