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Things to do in Brighton | Brighton Tourism

Brighton is a largest and well known seaside resort town in England. It is a most popular destination for day trip. Its beaches is surrounded by modern buildings. The town is also famous for nightlife, shopping and festivals. This town was once became a fishing village with narrow, winding lanes, it's famous pebble beaches are now surrounded by many souvenir shops and amusement arcades. Some of the events are also held in this British town includes the popular Brighton Festival celebrated in each spring, in summer time horse races and the most famous veteran car run from London to Brighton in November.

Brighton is also a best place for sports lovers. Here you can enjoy many sports activities include kite surfing, sailing, diving, hiking and biking in the many lovely green areas, like historic Stanmer Park.

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Royal Pavilion and Museums   
The Royal Pavilion is one of the best destination to visit in Brighton it's very difficult to miss when you are in England. This place is located in the center of Brighton, the main highlights of this building include the Banqueting Room, with beautiful oriental decoration, the Royal Bedrooms and the tent Music Room.

The structure of this building was designed by architect John Nash in the 19th century, it is based on Indo-Saracenic architecture. It was once a holiday home of George, Prince of Wales, but today it is the famous tourist destination in Brighton, where you can see the art gallery and impressive rooms.

"Laycock Brighton Palace Pier" (CC BY 2.0) by amipal
Palace Pier  
The trip of England would be incomplete without a visiting to the palace pier. This seaside place attracts lots of travelers with its amusement arcades, shops and fish and chip stands. Its decorative ironwork and amazing setting, make this beautiful Victorian-era of Brighton one of the most attractive landmarks in the country. It was built in 1891 and based on 1,700 feet from shore, here you can also enjoy dining, shopping and thrilling rides.

Brighton Palace Pier has survived two world wars and a battering by storms, in spite of that millions of travelers visit this place every year and enjoy the aracde games, thrilling rides and chippy vans.

"British Airways i360" (CC BY 2.0) by Dave Hamster
British Airways i360   
This is one of the new and most impressive attractions located on the south coast of England, the British Airways i360 is a tallest observation tower in England. This 531 foot tall seafront tower was opened in 2016, it is the first tallest moving observation tower in the world. This structure can lift 200 people up to 453 feet from the surface for a stunning view of the surrounding area. The observation tower also have tearoom and gift shop for the visitors.

"The Bison Bar, North Laine - Brighton." (CC BY 2.0) by Jim Linwood
The Lanes and North Laine   
The Brighton was once known as a center of fishing in England, it's bustling narrow alleyways known as The Lanes. The beautiful 17th century small colourful wooden made cottages are now turned into antique shops, book stores, cafes boutiques and galleries. Walking around in this area is a great way to spend an good time.
Brighton Festival  
Brighton Festival is celebrated every year for a three week period, this Festival runs from early to late in the month of May, which attracts lots of artists from all around the world to performing in orchestral, church concerts, jazz and shows. Film screenings and recitals are also seen among many events in this diversified festival. Places of this event include the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Dome, the Royal Theater and local churches.
Dive into the world’s oldest aquarium
Brighton is a seaside town of England and The marine Life centre in Brighton is the world’s oldest operating aquarium, which was built in 1872 and here you can see the stunning Victorian period architecture. In this journey, you able to see the impressive Lagoon filled with beautiful rays, big sea fish and an rock pool where you can touch a starfish. Here you can feel and enjoy the marine life.

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Brighton Toy and Model Museum   
Brighton Toy and Model Museum is located underneath the train station of the town, this museum contains a large amount of vintage and rare toys in Britain and Europe, including a Hornby trains, Steiff bears, Corgi cars and all types of dolls, soldiers toy, planes, puppets and many more. In some other collections include numerous toy of buses, construction toy sets, toy boats, stuffed animal toys and zoos and many different types of toy sets. This is one fun and entertaining unique location in Brighton, which attract lots of local and outside tourist. So, try to plan your visit to these beautiful and unique museum where you can see the most rarer toys of nowadays. This place definitely gets you to your childhood. Here you can see the collection of last 100 years of toys and models displays more than 10,000 rare items.

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Bluebell Railway   
Bluebell railway is one fascinating piece of engineering in the country, just located at few miles from Brighton, the Bluebell Railway is running 11 miles between the border of East and West Sussex, this fully functional historic railway operates between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead. This is the first preserved steam passenger railway in the world to operate for a public transport service, in the  collection of railways includes 30 vintage railway engines and over 150 carriages most of them are made in 1939. The special themed train rides are also offered for visitors, which includes fine dining, murder mystery nights, and for kids Thomas the Tank Engine.
Vintage Car Run   
The Royal Automobile Club organize the  annual Veteran Car Run, where you can see the the largest collection of vintage vehicles which you are ever likely to see. This is the world's most longest vintage car running celebration, since 1927, it held in every November and attracts lots of peoples around the world to see the rare vintage vehicles on the 60 mile run from Hyde Park (London) to the Brighton's seafront. Here you can get a chance to see lots of vintage cars from all over the world at one place. So, if you love vintage cars then don't forget to visit here.

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