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These are some famous attractions to travel in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona city is a capital of Catalonia region in Spain, it is well known for art and architecture. The amazing church of Sagrada Família and other modern art landmarks like Museu Picasso and Fundacio Joan Miro attract many visitors. This beautiful city of Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which attracts millions of visitors every year. It is easy to access, good weather conditions, most attractive beaches and mountains, amazing nightlife, tasty cuisine and it’s rich culture and history attract lots of tourist from all over the world.

It’s also called as a wonderland, there are many recognizable structure with its unique architecture. This city offers something for everyone and it is best destination to travel for families, couples and singles. This are some best tourist attractions in Barcelona for travelers which should not miss if they ever decide to visit this beautiful city of Spain.

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Sagrada Familia
This is the most popular tourist attraction in Barcelona, which attracts over 2.8 million visitors every year. It's construction started in 1882 to making it one of the most largest unfinished Catholic church in the world. The famous architect Antoni Gaudi worked on it until his death in 1926 and Current architects are following their design to make it more better, their designs are mostly based on Gothic and Byzantine styles. It's 18 towers of different heights dedicated to the different biblical figure. Many travelers come here to see this beautiful and tallest monument in Spain.

"La Rambla street" (CC BY 2.0) by Jorge Lascar
La Rambla
La Rambla is the most famous street in the city and It is also called Las Ramblas, because this street is actually a series of different streets that all have its unique feel. This street is located just off Plaza Catalunya and leading towards the beach. Here's the visitors can see some street performers showing their talents on this street, La Rambla street also filled with lots of restaurants and bars with the fabulous Boquería Market.

"Casa Mila" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Rob Shenk
Casa Mila
Casa Mila also known as a La Pedrera was built between the years from 1906 to 1910, this was the last civil work which designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. This colorful Casa Mila building is considered to be one of the most eccentric architectural creations of any artists. Here you can see the amazing interior and the incredible structure of roof. This place is also hosts a large exhibition of Gaudi’s works, with Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlio, not only Casa Mila itself.

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Barceloneta or La Barceloneta is a seaside town in Barcelona, it is a best destination for surfing and to take a sunbathe or to dine out tasty and fresh seafood in seaside restaurants and traditional bars. Here you can enjoy the Port Cable Car rides which offers panoramic views of the city on its way to Montjuic hill.

Barceloneta is one of the seven different beaches stretching over 2.8 miles of coastline in Barcelona. It is one of tops them all based close to the city center. Its 1,100 meter sandy beach is a popular walkway for joggers and cyclist. Because of its situated near city center, this place can get crowded, during the summer time the beach is quickly crowded with locals and tourist.

"Parc Güell, Barcelona" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by unicoletti
Parc Guell
Park Guell is a public park with beautiful gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill, in Barcelona. It is one of the major works of famous architect Antoni Gaudi in the city, including La Casa Batlló and Casa Mila (La Pedrera). The area was originally meant for a development of residential property, but only two houses were built here and the land was later sold to the Barcelona city and it turned into the park. This park is a home of famous Salamander sculptures and some other buildings and structures designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. Here you can get a stunning views of the Barcelona city, with a magical experience.

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Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo, most beautiful building in Barcelona, designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. The UNESCO listed building of Casa Batllo is painted with a mixture of different colors and materials. There is a large onion shaped dome,  a colorful wavy shaped roof lines and lots of other sculptures. The architect Gaudi was turned one 19th century building into beautiful Casa Batllo, sometimes this building is also called as the “house of bones” because it has many jaws on one sculpture.

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Font Magica
Font Magica is one amazing fountain in Barcelona located close to the Placa d’Espanya and Poble Espanyol de Barcelona. Most of the surrounding developments of Font Magica was constructed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition. The fountain is activated only on the selected evenings and when it active it attracts lots of visitors with its spectacular display of light, colorful water and music.

"Montjuïc" (CC BY 2.0) by Jorge Franganillo

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Santa Maria del Mar

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La Boqueria Market

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