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The "No Fly Zones" in the world where planes cannot fly!

No-fly zones or No-flight zone (NFZ), or air exclusion zone are areas of the world in which airplanes are not permitted to fly. No flying zones are established for some reasons. One of the reasons to make No fly zone is to protect civilians who caught up in a war with no way to defend themselves. Other reason to make the no-fly zones is for the national security to secure most important areas in the country. No-fly zones may also be applied for some specified periods at some places to protect secret events going on in those places. No-fly zones is a modern concepts which was established after the Persian Gulf War. The strict actions can be taken against airplane that passing from the no-fly zones, In some extreme circumstances shooting the aircraft down.

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Disney Theme Parks
Yes! Disney Theme Park is declared as a No-fly zones which exist in two Disney theme parks, one is a Walt Disney World in Florida, and other is a Disneyland in California. The no-fly zones in the area extend to the height of over 3,000 feet, which means the planes are being allowed to fly at a higher altitude of over 3,000 feet. This no-fly zone is extend about three miles around the theme parks. The parks got the No Fly Zone after the terrorist attacks happened on September 11, 2001 in US. Because of no-fly zone anyone can't use drones in the Disney theme parks.

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Tibet is considered as one of the most elevated areas in Asia and the world, the average elevation in the region is over 16,000 feet. Tibet is one of the regions in the world where no-fly zone is applied due to natural factors such as the high altitude mountains situated on the borders. Despite this, most commercial planes are able to fly at that height from over the mountains, but for the safety of passengers most of flight avoid the high mountains path in the area. The height of that mountains also make it hard for pilots to control the plane.

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Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is listed as one of the most important areas in the UK, it is the residence for the monarch when they are in London. It is also serves as the administrative headquarters and because of the importance of the palace, there is no-fly zone was instituted to ensure the security of the monarch. Some other region where planes are not allowed to fly over is Windsor Castle, the Number 10 Downing Street, the UK Prime Minister's residence and the Houses of Parliament to protect the officers of the government.

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Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is another place where airplanes are not allowed to fly over. Machu Picchu is a most famous historical sites in the world which considered as the estate of Emperor Pachacuti. Machu Picchu is selected as a UNESCO world heritage site and a Peruvian historical Sanctuary. The Machu Picchu is one of the most important site for the Peruvian government, because number of tourists visit the region from all over the world which generates income for that country. Due to the importance of this site, the government put No Fly zone in this place to protect the Unique and rare wildlife in the area.

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Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic structure of Indian architecture which was constructed in the year from 1632 to 1653. This important site of India was also listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1983. In 2006 the Indian government applied a no-fly zone in this region to protect the building and large number of tourists who visit the area from all over the world.

What is the Importance of No-Fly Zones?

No-fly zones are ensuring the safety of high ranking officials, civilians and great historical structures. The No Fly Zone are established after terrorists used planes to attack in the US, some countries governments instituted no-fly zones to protect their high-value targets. No-fly zones are also used to protect several areas from pollution.

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