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Most beautiful village in Netherlands where you can't see any car or bike

Netherlands is a very beautiful country located in northwestern Europe, it is known for a flat landscape with amazing canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam is a capital of Netherland and also a home of the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid herself during WWII. Beautiful Canal side mansions and a trove of artworks from famous artist like Rembrandt and Vermeer remains the city's "Golden period.". This beautiful village which called as Giethoorn, is also a part of Netherlands. This famous tourist spot in Netherlands is also known as Venice of the South or Venice of the Netherlands. Lots of tourists visit that place throughout the year, because it is a dream village. This is a village where you can enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature.

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The most amazing thing about this village is that, this whole village is surrounded by beautiful canals. There you can't see any car or bike in this village, because there is no any road only canals are used to go anywhere. Here you can only use the electric motor to move in the canals and mostly people are not complaining about it, due to its low noise. Wooden pools have been built over the canal to move from one end of the canals to the other side, which also looks very beautiful.

In the year 1170, due to a fierce flood lots of water had come in this area. After this the village was established in the year 1230. When people came here to live, they found horns of many wild goats which might have flown here in the flood of the year 1170. For this reason, in the beginning, this place was called as 'Gethenehorn', which means 'horn of goats', which later became 'Giethoorn'.

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The story behind these canals is also very interesting, which was unintentionally happened. After the flood of 1170, when people came here to live, the 'pitt' was gathered in the lot of places here due to the flood. 'Pitt' is a mixture of swampy soil and vegetation, which can also be used as a fuel. The people who came here started digging the place to use this pitt. Due to many years of excavation, the canals have been made here. At that time probably no one would have thought that the 7.5 km long canals will be made due to that digging for the Pitt and this place will become famous as a beautiful tourist spot on the map of the world.

No one knew about this place till 1958, this place was comes in the eyes of the world when this beautiful village was seen in Dutch comedy film 'Fanfair' in the year 1958 and after that, this place became the world's most famous and beautiful tourist attraction.

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